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All Books PDF of Panchanan Ghoshal

All Books of Panchanan Ghoshal collect Crime Story Book PDF.

Shree Panchanan Ghoshal is a distinguished writer of Bengali literature, well known as a literary and notable writer on Bengali Criminology. Author Panchanan Ghoshal has tried to describe various crimes perfectly in his various volumes. By different crimes, the author means pickpocketing, theft, sidel-theft (stealing) etc. Sindhel thieves make holes/tunnels in the walls of mud houses with sticks, then sneak inside and steal. Stealing in tunnels is very clever. It takes a lot of courage and a lot of art both. Again it can be seen that those who are advanced and basic thieves hate the thieves of inferior nature.

What does sindhel thief mean?

Some of the criminal methods of Indian criminals are similar to those of medieval criminals in China, Persia and Europe. According to the author there is a necessary area of inquiry in this regard. Some of these methods are ancient and some are modern and some are ultra-modern. But the old methods are sometimes abandoned and re-adopted by criminals like jewels of the past.

The author divides the crime patterns of criminals into four major categories based on different crime types.

The full details of those segments are given below:-

First:- What kind of crime criminals will do?
Second:- When will they solve the designated crime?
Third:- How and in what way will they organize that crime?
Fourth:- What kind of things will they steal by misdeeds?

Who is well-known as a significant writer of Bengali crime science?

The true explanation of these categories of malpractice has been beautifully presented by the author in various volumes of his Criminology. Author Panchanan Ghoshal elaborates some discussion about the above crime categories to the readers.

At first, criminals take whatever comes their way. But they are not always able to sell these products. It is the same for them to steal these goods or not if they do not get the necessary money by selling them. Because of this, the criminals have direct business ties with the customers of the stolen goods to smuggle the goods.

Again it can be seen that all those customers are collected and kidnapped by criminals like Formash. Some customers of stolen goods also hire special class thieves at their own expense. Bicycle dealers only buy bicycles from bicycle thieves. Some thieves only steal different types of watches. They are also associated with shops that sell watches.

What does ‘criminology’ mean?

Author Panchanan Ghoshal has made notable contributions to the literature of Criminology and his notable books are РAparadh Tattwa (Theory of Crime), Aparadh Bigyan (Crime Science), Nagarir Abhishap (Curse of the City), Ami jokhon police Chilam (When I Was a Policeman), Bikhyato Bichar O Tadanta Kahini (Famous Trials and Investigations Story), Pocketmar, Dui Pakhi (Two Birds), Munduhin Deha (Headless Body),  Andhakarer Deshe (In the Land of Darkness), Jagarata Bharat (Awaken India), Ekti Adbhut Mamla (A Strange Case), Kishor Aparadhi (Teenage Criminal), Khoon Ranga Ratri (Murderous night), Hindu Prani Bigyan (Hindu Animal Science), Police Kahini (Police Stories), Rakta Nadir Dhara, Shramik Bigyan (Workers Science) etc.

Below are links to PDF files and collection of notable books of Criminology author Shri Panchanan Ghoshal РAll Books of Panchanan Ghoshal pdf file.

Ami jokhon police Chilam
PDF size – 7 MB
Pages – 162.

Aparadh Bigyan – Volume 2

PDF size – 11 MB
Pages – 879.

Aparadh Bigyan – Volume 4
PDF size – 21 MB
Pages – 311.

Aparadh Bigyan – volume 5
PDF size – 9 MB
Pages – 325.
Apradh Bigyan – volume 7
PDF size – 9 MB
Pages – 315

Apradh vigyan volume 8
PDF size -10 MB
Pages -340.

Aparadh Tattwa (crime science)
PDF size – 21 MB
Pages – 562.

Bikhyato Bichar O Tadanta Kahini vol – 1
PDF size – 5 MB
Pages – 188

Bikhyato Bichar O Tadanta Kahini vol – 3
PDF size – 7 MB
Pages – 231

Ekti Adbhut Mamla PDF
PDF size – 9 MB
Pages – 219.

Hindu Prani Bigyan
PDF size – 8 MB
Pages – 463.

Khoon Ranga Ratri
PDF size – 9 MB
Pages – 234.

Kishor Aparadhi
PDF size – 7 MB
Pages – 188.

Nagarir Abhiishap
PDF size – 8 MB
Pages – 210.

Pocketmar PDF
PDF size – 6 MB
Pages – 174

Police Kahini – Volume 1 PDF,
PDF size – 7 MB
Pages – 178.

Police Kahini – Volume 2,
PDF size – 8 MB,
Pages – 184.

Shramik Bigyan,
PDF size – 8 MB,
Pages – 324,

All Books of Panchanan Ghoshal as PDF file Collect from this page.

Some of the different aspects of crime are highlighted in this wave page. Readers can glean from author Panchanan Ghosal’s criminology books for specific and analytical accounts.
Our main focus is how criminals integrate into their criminal world. And gradually the crime rate continues to rise. In order to make everyone aware and alert the readership, this web page provides PDF files of books authored by Panchanan Ghoshal.

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