Samaj Birodhi – Aparadh Bigyan by P Sarkar

Samaj Birodhi – Aparadh Bigyan by P Sarkar

Book – Samaj Birodhi – Aparadh Bigyan (Anti Society – Criminology)
Author – P. Sarkar
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 8 MB,
Genre – Collection Book,

Samaj Birodhi - Aparadh Bigyan by P Sarkar

Samaj Birodhi – Aparadh Bigyan (Anti Society – Criminology) Collection Book pdf.

What is anti-social Behaviour in criminology?

The book Samaj Birodhi – Aparadh Bigyan (Anti Society – Criminology) is written by the author P. Sarkar. In primitive times there was nothing to call the society of barbarous primitive people, but there was conflict. This conflict is nothing more than a survival urge. If you want to live, you have to eat. If you want to eat, you have to collect food. There are so many obstacles and conflicts in this food collection.

Fruits of trees and animal meat were the food of early humans. They had to fight with fierce animals to collect this food. So the first and main conflict was with these ferocious animals. Raw meat from killing animals was their main food, fruits were secondary as food.

What is a person of a primitive society?

This collection of fruits was also not smooth, because of this they had conflicts with violent wild animals. So much for the worst creatures of creation, animals and birds, animals and beasts. Now let’s start with the words of the best people alive. In food collection, humans became the obstacle of humans – rivals. Therefore, in this case, it is normal to have conflicts between people.

Basically, it is seen that human conflicts have been going on since the beginning of time. Now we have to think, from where did they get this conflicting mentality, is it their birth or is it the origin of the conflicting instinct when the situation is in crisis. Let’s go one step further.

What is the primitive era called?

How much consciousness has awakened in the mind of a single person. No. It is very dangerous and difficult to collect food alone in this way. While gathering food, one has to become another’s food, the eater is helplessly dependent on other’s food.

Therefore, the consciousness of grouping arose among them, that is, in every single person. If you can’t organize – it’s very difficult to survive by collecting a living alone. Now-this attitude – this consciousness, where did they get it? One is the root of their fertile brain – nay, its source is somewhere else, perhaps somewhere else, as we call it – in the classroom of nature.

At that time, humans lived almost together with animals and birds in nature’s classroom, i.e. forests, mountains, and riverbanks. Almost together, in the sense of the word, the wild primitive man lives in the mountain cave, and in another mountain cave, there live wild beasts, tigers, lions or other such wild animals. So what wild people – what wild animals, all are classmates in the school of nature.

What type of society is called primitive society?

According to criminologists, everyone is a criminal. Man suppresses his crime-prone mind with conscience. The criminal mind always returns in search of opportunity. Whenever he gets an opportunity, he will hit the ball. It will not stop him from becoming anti-social. Why is every person in the society not becoming anti-social?

Educated people of the civilized world have beaten the conscience-intellectual, crime-prone mind on the head and left him unconscious. Under the magic touch of education, the criminal mind lies asleep in the innermost dormant regions of the human heart. This sleeping mind is called the subconscious mind. Every responsible person in the society should try to prevent the dormant criminality from awakening in people’s minds.

Which periods are allocated to the history of a primitive society?

That sleeping crime-prone mind-form black snake of the anti-socials should never have the leisure to raise its head again under the hard blows of their awakened conscience – intelligence – knowledge. Every anti-social person should be made aware of social relations, so that instead of being anti-social, they will voluntarily become social workers.

It is with this hope that we have provided the PDF file of Collection Book Samaj Birodhi – Aparadh Bigyan (Anti Society – Criminology) on this web page. Readers, students, researchers, social conscious and inquisitive bibliophiles can collect the PDF file of this book from this webpage and read it online.

Samaj Birodhi – Aparadh Bigyan Collection Book PDF file.

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