Sri Sri Chaitanya Deva by Swami Saradeshananda PDF

Sri Sri Chaitanya Deva by Swami Saradeshananda PDF

Book – Sri Sri Chaitanya Deva,
Author – Swami Saradeshananda,
Category – Biography Book,
Pages – 378,
Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 13 MB,

Sri Sri Chaitanya Dev by Swami Sardeshananda

Swami Saradeshananda wrote the Biography Book Sri Sri Chaitanya Deva.

Sri Sri Chaitanya Deva biography book is written by Swami Sardeshananda. Long ago Swami Saradeshananda wrote a biography of Sri Chaitanya Deva. Many saints and devotees of Ramakrishna Math and Mission collected those manuscripts. Everyone was impressed by reading this manuscript and Swami Saradeshananda ji expressed his opinion to publish it and bring it to everyone. Ramakrishna Math and Mission General Secretary Shrimat Swami Madhvanandaji gave permission to publish the book. Swami Gambhiranandji, the principal of ‘Mayavati Advaita Ashram’ showed the manuscript of the book to Adyopant despite his busy schedule.
Renowned cartographer Professor Bishwa ranjan Chakraborty painted two tricolor images of Sri Chaitanya Deva and the book cover for the publication of the book.

About Sri Chaitanya Deva:

Lord Chaitanya’s wisdom is solar knowledge and knowledge is the light of Sun. Again within him was the cools light of Bhakti Chandra. Brahmajnana and Bhaktiprem were two present. “Bhaktiyoga for the Kali Yuga. The path of devotion is the easy path. Chant His name with sincere devotion, pray and gain the Lord without doubt” – Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita mentions this.

Swami Vivekananda’s quote on Chaitanyadeva and Gopiprem:

Lord Sri Krishna Caitanya arose only by cutting the inseparable web of this great genius. Only once did Bengal break its spiritual slumber, for a while it became a part of the religious life of the other provinces of India.

A little bit about the world is that Sri Chaitanya took sannyas from a prominent Gurudeva Bharati. Ramakrishna Dev mentions many things of Sri Sri Chaitanya Dev. Sri Chaitanyadev at that time took the path of justice and defeated many in the battle. Sri Chaitanya Deva is one of the greatest devotees in the universe. His wave of devotion flowed from Bangladesh and gave peace to all souls.

His love knew no bounds. Saints and sinners, Hindus and Muslims, the holy and the impure all became partakers of his love. He accepted everyone with his heart. He interacted well with them and advised them. At that time Lord Krishna Chaitanyadev was the refuge of the very weak, the poor, the outcasts, the downtrodden and those who had no place in the society.

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There are many books, ancient and modern, about the life of Sri Sri Chaitanya Deva, but it is very difficult for common readers to understand them. There is no doubt that the ancient books are the main source of discussion of Chaitanya Dev’s life. But most of those books are written in ancient languages, especially the Chaitanya Charitamrita written by Srimat Krishnadasa Kaviraja Goswami is very important.

Chaitanya Dev was very talented from childhood. He lost his father at a very young age and had to shoulder all the responsibilities of the family. His sharp intelligence can be found in education. In a word, he was an extraordinary talent. Strong character, outstanding efficiency, great heart and prodigious intelligence are identified. He traveled on foot throughout most of India and propagated Sanatan Vedic religion and Bhagavat Bhakti, suppressing the influence of atheism and adharma. His life is the source of strength, late Sanjeevani Sudha.

Invalidity of Renunciation and Sannyas:

There are various opposing ideas rooted in people’s minds about Sri Krishna Chaitanya’s renunciation and asceticism. Many consider his exodus to be an indication of extreme cruelty. He abandoned his mother and wife like a most merciless one and took illegal asceticism. The author has beautifully analyzed his life and renunciation and asceticism in this book.
He left home and took Sannyas only with the permission of his loving mother and concubine. It is seen that even after taking Sannyas, he showed great devotion and respect towards his mother and wife. He took this ascetic religion to remove the suffering of living beings by giving up his relatives, relatives and hope of happiness forever.

Who wrote the religious book Chaitanya Charitamrita?

According to many, he was not really a monk. Even though he accepted external sannyas, there is no evidence of his faith and devotion in the ashram. Shankaracharya accepted sannyas from the ‘Dashnami’ sect, but he had no relation with the said sannyasins. Vedanta did not judge them. The cause of the living world was not considered to be Parabrahman regardless of an integral preposition. And he did not live like the Paramahamsa Paribaraj Acharya Sannyas of that community. Even in his later portraits and idols at some places, Tulsi Mala at the throat, Harinam print and tilak on the forehead, vertical flame on the shaved head and Vairagivesh adorned with skandhas are also seen.

The Gaudiya Vaishnavas known as his followers attribute him to the Vaishnava sect introduced by Madhvacharya. However, his true identity can be known from ancient texts. He duly took sannyas from Shrimat Keshav Bharti, who belonged to the Dashanami sannyasi sect introduced by Shankaracharya. However, before him, a monk belonging to the Dashanami sect took initiation from Shrimat Ishwarpuri.

There is no doubt that this book, rich in unknown information, will be highly appreciated by the readers. So for the readers the PDF file of ‘Sri Sri Chaitanya Deva’ book is provided in this web page. Readers can download the PDF file of the book from this web page and read it online.

PDF file of Sri Sri Chaitanya Deva biography book

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