Jyotirmoy Sri Chaitanya by Kalkut PDF

Jyotirmoy Sri Chaitanya Religious Book by Kalkut PDF.

Book – Jyotirmoy Sri Chaitanya,
Author – Kalkut (Samaresh Basu),
Category – Religious Book,
Pages – 189,
Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 7 MB,

Jyotirmoy Sri Chaitanya by Kalkut

Kalkut wrote the Religious Book Jyotirmoy Sri Chaitanya

Samaresh Bose was a famous Indian Bengali writer. His birth name was Surath nath Bose; But Samaresh Bose is known as the author. He wrote notable literature under the pseudonyms ‘Kalkoot’ and ‘Bhramar’.

Famous books of poet Calcut – Whose nickname is “Kal-Kut”?

Amrita Kumbher Khonje, Shamba, Pritha, Chalo Man Roop Nagare, Mukta Benir Ujane, Mon-vasir Tane, Haraye Sei Manush (lost in that man), Mite Nai Trishna (thirst unquenched), Nirjon Soikate (on the deserted beach), Arab Sagarer Jaal Nona (the water of the Arabian sea is salty), Kathai Pabo Tare (where can I find the wire), Banidhwani Benu Bane (the voice of the voice in Benuban), Swarna Shikhar Prangane (in the Golden Summit), Mon Chale Bane (Mind walks in the forest), Boner Sange Khela (playing with the forest), Prem Name Ban (the forest in the name of love), Amrita Bisher Patre (in the pot of nectar-poison), Amaboshyay Chander Uday (the rising of the moon in the new moon), Tushar-Singher Padatole (the foot of the snow-lion), Banshir Tin Sure (in the three tunes of the bass), Kothai Sejon Ache (where is he-man).

When is the worldly and divine life of Mahaprabhu observed?

Caitanya Mahaprabhu was born in Nabadwip under Nadia in Gaudanga (now Nadia district in West Bengal) to Hindu Brahmin Pandit Sri Jagannath Misra and Srimati Sachi Devi. In Vaishnava society, he is considered to be the twin prem avatara of Sri Radhakrishna. ‘Shri Krishna Chaitanya’ or ‘Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’ (Chaitanya Mahaprabhu) was a prominent exponent and preacher of Bhakti Yoga Bhagavad philosophy based on the philosophy mentioned in Srimad Bhagavat Purana and Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

Sri Chaitanya was born in what year?

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was born on February 19, 1486 AD. Punyatithi of Falguni Purnima. In the sky of Nabadwip and the bosom of the Ganges, the tides of rain have risen. On that day, there was another lunar eclipse. There is no end to the crowd. The air is full of noise and noise. At such a time in Srihattia neighborhood in Mayapur village, women’s voices were heard frequently. Conchs rang all around. what matter – It was heard that Pandit Jagannath Mishra’s wife Sachi Devi gave birth to a son.

Youth Period – Nimai: Who founded the philosophy of Gaudiya Vaishnavism?

Nimai, a seven-year-old boy, sometimes steals ripe bananas from the banana plantation and eats them, sometimes swims in the water of the Ganges. Brahmins bathing in the Ganga soak their clothes in water, sometimes hide them. Again, go to someone’s seat of worship and eat the fruit of the offering and run away. A Brahmin may have sat meditating on the banks of the Ganges with a Shivalinga in front of him. Nimai went there despondently and stole the Shivlinga and ran away.

Nimai is doing many more misdeeds. Disturbed by Nimai’s further harassment, the people of Nabadwip approached Jagannath Pandit and complained. He said, handle the naughty boy a little. We became fed up with his mischief.

Learning from Nimai’s Guru:
Nimai was eighteen years old when he completed the Chatushpathi of Gangadas, Vishnudas and Sudarshana. Jagannath Mishra passed away several years ago. His talent and education are extraordinary. Embarrassing people by asking stupid questions, slandering people – these are his passions. So the young and old scholars of Nabadwip are now afraid of him, everyone avoids him.

In the city of Nabadwip there was a tall man named Mukunda Sanjaya. In the Chandi Mandap of his house, Nimai opened the toll and sat down to teach. The fame of Nimai’s genius and scholarship began to spread far and wide. Students from far and wide started coming to Nimai Pandit’s toll. It was not too late to accumulate tolls. With the patronage of wealthy and prestigious citizens, Nimai soon rose to prominence.

Married Life-Nimai:

Nimai was married to Lakshmidevi, daughter of the Brahmin Vallabhacharya of Nabadwip. Some time after marriage, Nimai went to East Bengal. As a learned and talented man, he gained considerable prestige in that region. After some time he returned to Nabadwip and heard that Lakshmidevi had died of a snake bite. He emphasized on teaching to forget grief. He is no longer the sardonic, frivolous young man. Overnight became the epitome of seriousness.

Shri Krishna Sadhak Nimai – The Worldly and Divine Life of the Lord:-
Shortly after the marriage, Nimai went to Gayadham to pay tribute to his heavenly father. After seeing Lord Vishnu’s lotus feet there, an unprecedented change took place in him. In him was born a lover of devotees of Lord Krishna. Arrogant Pandit Nimai is Sri Krishna Sadhak.

Initiation to Nimai’s Krishna Mantra:

In Gaya at that time there was a Sri Vishnu devotee named Ishwarpuri, a disciple of Madhvendra Pari, the promoter of Vaishnavism. Seeing him, Nimai fell at his feet and said: “Lord, initiate me”. Ishwar Puri knew – Nimai was an absolute devotee. He initiated Nimai into the Krishna mantra.

Nimai in Nabadwip:
Nimai then returned to Nabadwip. But then he is no longer the old Nimai, like a different person. The whole mind is filled with his Krishna name. Chanting the name of Krishna, he cries, sometimes faints.

Promotion of Srihari Kirtan in Nabadwip:
The ruler of Nabadwip was a Muslim Qazi. He did not like this fuss about Vaishnava kirtans. He issued an order that congregational kirtan should not be performed in Nabadwip. Hearing this, Nimai got angry and held Rudra Murti.

On that day he went out with thousands of devotees chanting the name of Srihari. After circling the entire city, he finally arrived at the Kazi’s house. Kazi’s mind changed after hearing Nimai’s devotion to God and singing sweet names. He withdrew his orders. The entire Navadvipa was filled with Krishna Nam songs.

Diksha to Keshav Bharti of Nimai and name of Sri Krishna Chaitanya:
Then a new call came to Nimai’s heart. He has to channelize this flow of love for the welfare of the world. You can’t jump into that bigger workplace if you don’t leave home. So Nimai left home one night in Shukla Paksha of Magha month. He ran to Katwa. There he took initiation from Pandit Keshav Bharti. Nimai came to be known as Sri Krishna Chaitanya from then on. He was only twenty-four years old then.

Sayings of Caitanya Mahaprabhu – Philosophical foundation of Gaudiya Vaishnavism:

Sri Chaitanya preached the message of love to all people irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Apart from this he did not establish any other theology. He did not write any scriptures. He was the perfect embodiment of human consciousness. His life pursuit was the vow to erase the differences between people. Although a monk, he was not self-liberating or averse to humanity. With that attraction, thousands of people used to rush to him, get the light of life.

The great name that he preached for all people is –
“Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare”.

Sri Chaitanya was born in what year?

In the last few years, an unprecedented upheaval has been felt in the social life in various parts of Bangladesh and India. Centuries of vested-interest foundations have been shaken. The prospect that the poor, impoverished and neglected masses will soon achieve human dignity by crushing gross inequality becomes strong.

Let us have no doubts about the fact that the power that shaped the social and national history of man is the power that governs religion, literature, art. Limited by birth and death, sometimes isolated and sometimes unified, always diverse human life stream is directed to which goal it is not easy to determine.

In which direction is the complex speed of history? The thesis is constantly taking the form of qualitative change. Not only Achandal, but also the rescue of Yavana, it is no doubt a very daring thing to think that Yavana is sitting on the throne. In this situation the Vaishnavas are invoking the avatar of Krishna.

Who is the incarnation of Krishna?

Nimai was born with the form of an avatar? Later Chaitanya-biographers, however, have praised Nimai’s past. Because he is actually Krishna, before he was born in Nabadwip in incarnation and rescue, Acharya Advaita, Haridas, all these councilors of his had been sent to perform their duties again and again. And some of them came from Shauchya Desh, some from Srihatta, some from Chittagong and started gathering in and around Nabadwip.

Poet Vrindavan Das later wrote, Why is Krishna Chandra becoming an avatar? No one has the power to know his theory. Talk But in a way, it sounds like an echo of the moderns. Can we really know the reason for the appearance of avatar men? To say that the social environment in which avatar male emerges is the only reason for the avatar appears is an act of audacity. But there is one simple thing. Dharma where Parabhava means strength grows there. And that is why ‘saints are protected-evil-destruction’, parties and leaders emerge. Is the leader avatar here?

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Jyotirmoy Sri Chaitanya PDF

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