Mahatma Gandhi by Jogesh Ch Mukhopadhyay

Mahatma Gandhi Biography Book by Jogesh Chandra Mukhopadhyay PDF.

Author – Jogesh Chandra Mukhopadhyay,
Book – Mahatma Gandhi,
Genre – Biography Book,
Pages – 224,
Format – PDF,

Mahatma Gandhi by Jogesh Chandra Mukhopadhyay

Jogesh Ch Mukherjee wrote the Biography book Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi.

Where was Mahatma Gandhi born?

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is the real name of Mahatma Gandhi. He was born on October 2, 1869 in Porbandar town between Kathiawar in Gujarat. He was born in a noble merchant family. He received his childhood education at Porbandar School. As his father moved to Rajkot, he started his education there in Gujarati school and later in Kathiawar High School. He passed the matriculation examination with honors at the age of 17.

Where did he study barrister?

He then decided to go to Bilat to study law. Then he returned to the country after passing the barrister with honors from London. He was not informed that his mother had already died. On his return home he heard the news of his mother’s death. Hearing the heartbreaking news, he became mentally weak. He was overwhelmed with grief. He took up barristership in the Bombay High Court and sometimes lived in Rajkot.

He traveled to South Africa in 1893 for legal aid. During his stay there he encountered many problems and witnessed the low attitude of foreigners towards Indians. The case on which he went to South Africa ended in early 1894 AD. But he could not return after the government saw the unjust persecution of the Indians there and passed various government bills against the expatriate Indians. Finally in 1896, Gandhi returned to India.

When Gandhiji went in South Africa?

This is what he said when he described the plight of Indian diaspora in South Africa at a general meeting in Madras on October 26, 1896.

“Indians in South Africa are abominable creatures. What is it, what is polite, Indians are called coolies there. Indian school teachers are called coolie masters, Indian shopkeepers are called coolie shopkeepers. Two Bombay gentlemen named Dada Abdullah and Much Haji Kasem own ships there, But they were called ‘coolie ships’ there. The noble Madras Company built a huge building in the port of Durban. The galleys were called ‘coolie stores’ and the owners were called ‘coolie owners’. It was difficult for a noble Indian to procure even a small supply of water in a white-occupied area”.

In court he was loudly ordered to remove his barrister’s helmet. Gandhiji left the court in utter disgust. During the Transvaal journey the carriage was forced down from the first class carriage. He had to endure such insults many times.

British army sounded in South Africa

In 1899 AD, the British army sounded in South Africa. At that time, Gandhiji became very concerned about the diaspora Indians. The war ended after four years. In 1900 AD the ‘Boer War’ met and the Boers were defeated and the Transvaal and the Orange State came under British control. Gandhiji thought that the plight of Indian diaspora in South Africa would be solved under the new regime. Then in 1901, he decided to return to his homeland with his wife and children. Returned to the country, came to Bombay and resumed the barrister’s business with peace of mind.

But after a few days he had to come back to South Africa for Indian diaspora. Author Yogesh Chandra Mukhopadhyay has described Gandhiji’s life beautifully in his book.

Who wrote the biography book In Search Of Freedom?

For the Indian diaspora in South Africa, he has tirelessly stood by them in times of danger. Provided legal assistance. For this he has to suffer repeated insults and even go to jail. Mahatma Gandhi’s ambrosial brilliance, extraordinary selflessness, miraculous selfless altruism and firm and unswerving integrity were reflected in his actions.

In this book, the author Jogesh Chandra Mukhopadhyay has presented it beautifully. There is no doubt that the readers will be deeply impressed and sincere to read the life of Mahapran Gandhi, India’s greatest leader, the silent activist.

Each page of the book depicts Gandhi’s glorious moments in vivid colors. Appendices Many of Gandhi’s sayings are also collected. They are worth more than money. Words can be written on individual cards and hung like pictures on the door of the house.

Therefore, the application of the website, let this precious little book prevail in the homes of Bengal. Let the Bengali boys memorize every page of this book. May their newly budding minds be delighted, filled with the fragrance of Gandhi’s virtues – Bengalis in this age cannot have anything greater than this.

Who wrote the book ‘In Search Of Freedom’?

Author Jogesh Chandra Mukhopadhyay brightened the face of the country by writing this book. He decorated Bengali literature by painting the picture of selfless humanity. We are all grateful to him. His two famous works are ‘Indian revolutionaries in conference’ and biographical book ‘In Search Of Freedom‘.

Many lessons can be learned from Mahatma Gandhi’s biography. It is the duty of everyone to read about the work and life of such a patriotic, kind-hearted, upright, selfless friend. Mahatma Gandhi will build the India of the future. The infinite energy that was latent in his ideals of truth and non-violence, will guide and strengthen the India of the future era. The biography book Mahatma Gandhi is beautiful and the language is clear. So the PDF file of the biography book is given on this web page for the readers.

Readers can collect the pdf file of this Mahatma Gandhi (as biography) book from this webpage and read it online.

Mahatma Gandhi (as biography) book PDF file.

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