Barodidi by Sarat Ch Chattopadhyay PDF

Barodidi Novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay PDF.

Book Name – Barodidi (Bengali and Hindi),
Author – Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay,
Genre – Bengali Novel Book, Hindi Novel Book,
Book Page – Bengali – 62 , Hindi – 103,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – Bengali – 2 MB, Hindi – 5 MB,

Baradidi by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay wrote the novel book Barodidi pdf.

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay is a prominent creative writer, literary, novelist and story writer of India. He occupied a dominant position in Bengali literature through his unique writing style. He is one of the most popular poets of South Asia and the most popular lyricist of Bengali language. Most of his novels were translated into almost all Indian languages. Moreover, his various novels and story books were translated into English, Nepali, Manipuri, Urdu, Chinese etc.

Who’s pseudonym is Anila Devi?

The appearance of Sarat Chandra when Rabindranath shines in Bengali literature and is established right in the midheaven. Sarat Chandra’s artistic being, an expression of social life, attracts every reader’s heart in an unusual way. He highlighted those in the world who only gave and got nothing. Therefore, his name naturally became prominent after Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay and Rabindranath Tagore in Bengali fiction. He is still equally burning in the heart of the reader as an unbeatable lyricist of all time.

He has achieved that indelible establishment in the field of Bengali literature. His appearance created a revolution in Bengali novels. Sarat-literature brought to Bengali novels the diversity of subjects, the novelty of characters, and direct social problems. People are the main source of most of society’s problems. Hence his anger towards the detractor.

Like Rabindranath or Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, he is not a principled or high-minded person. He has written fiction based on events and images superimposed on real things. People who are despised and neglected in the society, he took their side with his compassionate mind and showed that human character, religion and latent desires of human mind never die. Two of his notable short stories Abhagir Swarga and Mahesh were hugely popular among the readers. He wrote many stories and novels under the pseudonym Anila Devi.

He was born on 15 September 1876 in Debanandpur village of Hooghly district in a simple poor Brahmin family. But his childhood and adolescence were spent at his uncle’s house in Bhagalpur. He studied at Durgacharan Shishu Vidyalaya for 3 years in Bhagalpur. His uncle admitted him there. At the age of five, his father brought him from Bhagalpur and admitted him to Pari Pandit Pathshala in the village. Then after passing from there he moved to Bhagalpur with his father in 1887 and got admission in District School of Bhagalpur.

His father had to go there for work, but after the job was over they had to come back to Debanandpur. After coming here, he got admission in Hooghly Branch School but due to poor economic condition he could not afford to pay school, so he had to drop out from that school. Later he again returned to his uncle’s house Bhagalpur. There got admission in Tejnarayan Jubilee Collegiate School.

In 1894 he passed the second division entrance examination and was admitted to Tej Narayan Jubilee College. But unfortunately, poverty did not leave them behind, even there they could not pass the examination due to the inability to pay the examination fee in the college. Thus his life was spent in economic danger from the beginning.

What is the first story of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay?

Finally he left everything and went in search of money. Along with that, he concentrated himself greatly on writing literature. He wrote many novels one after another. Among them Bara Didi, Devdas, Chandranath, Subhada etc. are particularly notable. He composed some stories like Anupamar Prem, Light and Shadow, Burma, Haricharan etc.

During this time he became associated with Bharti Patrika and his novel Baradidi was serialized in Bharti Patrika. Barodidi novel created special interest in literary circles and among readers. He gained popularity among the readers with incredible speed through this grand novel.

Who wrote the famous novel Charitraheen?

Then he wrote a famous novel Charitraheen. The novel sold nearly 400 copies in one day when it was published in book form, an all-time record at the time. While he was in Rangoon, he wrote the novels Ramer Sumati, Bindur Chhele, Narir Mulya (The Value of Women), Charitraheen (Characterless) and Path Nirdesh. After that, there was no looking back for novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Being enlightened by the light of Bengali literature, he created a stir of Bengali literature all over India.

At that time, some of his novels and stories were published directly in the library. Such as Bamuner Meye, Pather Dabi, Shesh Prashna etc. It was during this time that he wrote stories and novels such as Biraj Bou, Pandit Mashai, Boikunther Will, Mejdidi, Pallisamaj, Arakshaniya, Niskriti, Grihadaha, Denapaona, Nababidhan, Mahesh, Pather Dabi, Shesh Prashna etc. He became very popular in a very short time. His work is an immortal creation in Bengali literature which is rare in Bengali literature.

Who wrote the Charitraheen novel?

Like his full-length novels, her stories also depict the bright and glorious form of women’s leadership. Bindu, Narayani, Shailaja, Usha Hemanlini, Bilasi etc. characters show the outstanding skill of Saratchandra’s artistic talent. A peculiar sweetness and beauty of his language also adds to the charm of his stories. Most of his works have been filmed many times. TV serial has also been done.

Regarding the novel Baradidi:

We see Madhabi in ​​the novel Barodidi. She is great grandmother. Overwhelmingly magical. He always hides, endures and protects. Surendra cannot understand him who has a mind as pure as a flower. He only understands that Grandmother is there, that is his great hope. This Barodidi novel greatly attracted the readers of Bengal. The greatness of the novel Barodidi in Bengali literature is still equally admirable and attractive. While Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay was in Rangoon, his first novel Barodidi was published in book form.

In 1314 (Bengali) the novel Barodidi was serialized in Bharati Patrika. Barodidi was published in book form in September 1913. Then novels like Parineeta, Pandit Moshai, Pallisamaj, Chandranath, Boikunther Will, Arakshaniya, Srikanta etc. started to be published. Srikanter Bhraman Kahini were serially published in various magazines and on April 18, 1927 this novel Srikanter Bhraman Kahini was published in book form.

It is not possible to discuss some of the female characters in his novel in a short scale. In order to find the characters in depth, the readers have to sink into the depths of his creation. Autumn-created these female characters are actually familiar to us. It’s like seeing a character every day. Among whom we have daily ups and downs, exchange of ideas. In fact, the time has changed, not the characters. Herein lies the success of the visionary creator.

An unbeatable speaker in the history of Bengali literature.

Not remotely. He saw life entering into the inner world of the common man. That sight is perfect. He has portrayed the joys and sorrows, laughter and tears, pain and suffering of ordinary people with extraordinary skill. His literature is very bright like a mirror. Readers see their own shadows within each character. Even as a man, he could easily understand a woman’s heart. In the novel Barodidi, various images of his understanding are blossomed.

Who is the author of the novel Barodidi?

Therefore, the female characters created by him are extremely flesh and blood, alive. As there is light in the characters, there is also black. Every character is popular. The female characters created by him are one and the same. Some are from normal middle class or lower middle class homes and some are upper class. He also wrote about broken women. Widows, Vaishnavisms, Sati, Prostitutes, Arakshaniyas have all found a place of honor in his various novels. Therefore, he is considered as the most popular poet of Bengali literature and is still present today.

An unbeatable speaker in the history of Bengali literature. It remains at the peak of unrivaled popularity even today. In a word, Sarat Chandra Chatterjee was the Bhagirath who helped in the development of fiction, who removed all the obstacles of the source and opened the eternal path to the readers. The universal poet Rabindranath Tagore also placed Sarat Chandra on a high seat.

After returning from Deoghar in 1937

After returning from Deoghar in 1937, he was diagnosed with liver cancer and on 12th January 1938, eminent surgeon Lalitmohan Banerjee operated on his body, but it was not saved. He breathed his last four days later on January 16 at 10 am. Readers can collect the Barodidi Novel in Hindi and Bengali pdf from this page and read it online

Barodidi Bengali and Hindi novel PDF File.

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