Durga Puja Paddhati by Ashutosh Tarkatirtha Bengali PDF

Durga Puja Paddhati holy book by Ashutosh Tarkatirtha PDF.

Book Name – Durga Puja Paddhati (Durga Puja Methodology),
Edited by Ashutosh Tarkatirtha,
Category – Religious Book,
Book Pages – 137,
Book Format – PDF (Bengali),
PDF file Size – 4 MB,

Durga Puja Paddhati by Ashutosh Tarkatirtha

Ashutosh Tarkatirtha has edited the precious religious holy book Durga Puja Paddhati.

The Durga Puja Paddhati religious holy book is mainly edited based on the Hindu Holy Book Kalika Purana. Goddess Durga is worshiped according to religious customs and practices. Earlier the goddess was worshiped according to Brihanandikeshwar Purana. But the Brihanandikeshwar Purana has not yet been found or recovered. In some places the goddess is worshiped according to the Kalika Purana.

After much searching the book Kalika Purana was found. According to the Kalika Purana, this book contains rules for worship. Author Ashutosh Tarkatirtha compiled this valuable book by collecting a lot of information from that Hindu Holy Book Kalika Purana. So that the worshipers can properly observe and follow the rules of Durga Puja.

Who wrote the Durga Puja Paddhati religious holy book?

All the mantras recited by Brahmins or priests especially during Durga Puja should be recited with great devotion and attention. But these days many books and journals show a lot of differences in chanting Durga Puja mantras and rules. In many cases the worship mantras are recited incorrectly. According to the Puranas, worship should be performed by reciting the correct mantra as per the rules of the Puranas, otherwise the worship becomes baseless. True worship has no value.

Those who perform this Durga Puja are more likely to do evil than good by reading wrong mantras. Considering all these aspects, the author has compiled this book purely. Most of the rituals of Durga Puja are collected and recorded in this book according to the norms of Kalika Purana. Mantras like Ghat Pratistha Mantra, Adhibas Mantra, Pran Pratistha, Bodhana Mantra etc. of Puja are revealed flawlessly.

How Mahamaya or Goddess Durga was born?

Goddess Durga is a mythological deity. Goddess Durga is called Durgatinashini Durga. A demon named Mahishasura who disobeyed Brahma occupied the kingdom of heaven. The gods tried to produce them from the heavenly kingdom and began to persecute them in various ways.

At that time the gods who had lost their kingdom took shelter of Vishnu. Mahamaya or Goddess Durga was born from the combined effulgence of all the gods at the behest of Vishnu. Armed with the power of the gods and various weapons, the goddess became Mahashakti and killed Mahishasura in battle, hence another name of the goddess Mahishasuramardini, Kalikapurana, Brihanandikeswara Purana, Durgabhaktirangini, Durgotsavattva, Purohit Darpan etc. contain detailed descriptions of Goddess Durga.

Description of Durga Puja:

Durga Puja is performed with great devotion by Hindus in various states of India. Even outside India this Durga Puja festival is celebrated in different countries. Durga Puja is the main national religious festival of Bengali Hindus. This Durga Puja festival in India and Bangladesh is celebrated by Bengalis and everyone is enthralled. The worship of the goddess starts from Mahalaya, and everyone rejoices in the joy of Durga Puja. Durga Puja continues to carry a very important significance in Indian as well as Hindu culture.

in Shakta terms, Devi is worshiped basically in two ways. On one side she is Uma, on the other she is Shyama. Uma is composed of parts such as Agamani, Vijaya etc. This Uma is known by various names like Parvati, Dakshkanya Sati, Durga, Chandika etc. Uma ever ‘resides in the auspicious motherly form in the saffron glow’; Again sometimes or Nabin Hemkanti’s lovely daughter of love. Durga Durgatinashini or Danujdalni but Uma appears first as a daughter, then as a mother.

Goddess Durga is on the one hand Durgtinashini or Danujdalni:

Goddess Durga is on the one hand Durgtinashini or Danujdalni, Jagatjanani, Adhyashakti, Mahamaya on the other hand, she is also the daughter of Adriini, the beloved Gauri of love. In this dual form of Goddess Durga, Bengalis have been carrying on their great culture for a long time in tradition. Ashutosh Tarkatirtha has edited the book Durga Puja Paddhati and all details with clearly about the system of Durga Puja.

Readers can collect the Durga Puja Paddhati religious book as PDF file from this page and read it online.

Durga Puja Paddhati Holy Book PDF file.

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