Ramcharitmanas Religious Book Hindi by Tulsidas Goswami PDF

Ramcharitmanas (Hindi) Religious Book by Tulsidas Goswami PDF.

Book- Ramcharitmanas (रामचरितमानस – Ramayana),
Author – Tulsidas Goswami (तुलसीदास गोस्वामी),
Category – Religious Book
Language – Hindi,
Book Pages – 1240,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 74 MB,

Ramcharitmanas (Hindi) Religious Book by Tulsidas Goswami PDF.

Tulsidas Goswami  has written the Hindu Religious Book Ramcharitmanas in Hindi language. Balmiki is the original poet of India. But we are completely unfamiliar with the works of Adi-Kabi Balmiki. Sanskrit-practice has almost disappeared from this country; So, if Banmiki also disappears into the Valmik-stupa forever, then what is strange!

Much of the education policy that is being pursued in this country today is a gift from the West. Even in the West, the practice of ancient languages ​​is declining, but the respect for ancient writers is increasing. And the primitive poets have nothing to say. The West knows how to remember and respect its ancient writers. That is why new versions of ancient texts are constantly coming out in the country. In many cases, the language of these primitive people is now dead. So these books are being translated into the living languages ​​of today, their stories are being told in different forms in different forms for the readers of all levels.

Are we? We have kept our Adikbi alive till now – we have banished him from our Puthisala. Bankimchandra lamented, “I want the history of Bengal, otherwise Bengal has no hope“. This applies not only to Bengal but to the whole of India. The real history of India, especially the history of ancient India, is almost non-existent. As much as there is, it is mainly in ancient literature. History does not mean just a list of names and descriptions of wars. The main duty is to determine the pace of life of the society and the people. And if that is to be done, then the ancient literature of this country should not be ignored at all, because in all these literatures, like the Falgu, the life-stream evokes a direct response from the inner rock in our intellect and consciousness.

Even after a few thousand years, the ideal characters like Ram, Lakshman, Bharat, Sita of Balmiki Ramayana revealed by our Indian society have not completely disappeared from India even in this mercantile era!
If the creator of Ramcharitra had been born in the West, then how many editions of his epic would have been translated, how many would have been translated from his book. If Balmiki was found next to Homer, the West might have given up its claim to the kingdom of heaven. However, Bharatbarsha and Balmiki did not learn to look back on their past.

The greatest preaching of Balmiki in Bangladesh has been done by the great poet Krittibas Ojha. Most of the Bengalis have become acquainted with the most of India through the wonderful parables he has composed from Bammiki’s Ramayana. Not only that, Banmiki has written a very poetic and wonderful story of unknown life. Today, we can’t even commemorate Balmiki, except for the Ratvakar-bandit created by Kritibas.

But there is a big difference between Balmiki’s Ramayana and Krittivasi Ramayana. Truth be told, a careful examination will show that the Ramayana of Balmiki has undergone a complete transformation in many respects. Therefore, it is necessary to wear the original Balmiki-Ramayana. Let the children of our country know the story of Balmiki-Ramayana, be eager to read the original Adikavyakhani, let them learn to respect the authentic heritage of India. This is the purpose of the present library.

The text has been written in the simplest language possible. However, a couple of relatively difficult words are sometimes used to acquaint teenage readers with the original story and melody of the epic; And, only those harder words are used, which are attracted to the jingle
Komalmati readers will keep it in the jewel of the mind.

Readers can collect and read Ramcharitmanas Hindi as PDF from this page.

Ramcharitmanas (Hindi) PDF.

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