A Pair of Blue Eyes Novel by Thomas Hardy PDF

A Pair of Blue Eyes Novel by Thomas Hardy PDF

Name of A Novel Book – A Pair of Blue Eyes,
Name of Author – Thomas Hardy,
Publisher – H. Holt and Co,
Collection – Americana,
Digitizing sponsor – Google,
Language – English,
Category – English Book (Novel)
Book collections from – New York Public Library,

A Pair of Blue Eyes Novel by Thomas

A Pair of Blue Eyes English Novel by Thomas Hardy PDF

Another famous tragic novel A Pair of Blue Eyes written by Thomas Hardy is exploring the life of Elfrid Swancourt, who is terribly unfortunate after marrying an older man. Although in her earlier years she had deep loves with Stephen Smith and Henry Knight. Henry Knight, a relative of Elfrid’s stepmother, wants to marry her. But after learning of her early relationship with Stephen Smith, she called off the engagement. Caught between her suitors, Elfride desperately marries Lord Luxellian. She never thought that both of her first suitors were traveling to meet her without knowing her marital status.

Authors’ Life and Works

Thomas Hardy was a famous English poet. He was born in 1840 AD in the village of Upper Backhampton near Dorchester. His father was an architect. Thomas’ early education began first at village school and later in Dorchester. As a school student he dreamed of becoming a Church pastor. His father apprenticed him under church architect John Hicks. Vocational duties required Thomas Hardy to travel far and wide to village churches, and he quickly acquired a knowledge of English ecclesiastical architecture.

During this time he wrote a number of poems, which were later included in his ‘Wessex Poems’. In 1862, Thomas Hardy came to London and began studying art under the famous architect and painter Sir Arthur Bloomfield. During this time he attended modern language classes at King’s College London.

What are the famous tragic novels of Thomas Hardy?

The year 1868 is memorable in Hardy’s life because it was the year he met the poet-novelist Meredith. Meredith inspired Thomas Hardy to write novels. With a mind enriched by an intimate acquaintance with rural life around Dorset and a knowledge of ancient literature, Hardy began writing the novel. His first novel ‘Desperate Remedies’ was published in 1861 under a pseudonym. From 1872 he began writing Wessex novels about the farming life of his familiar home district. These novels first novel ‘Under the Green Tree’ is a beautiful story of rural life observation and simplicity.

To evaluate Thomas Hardy as a novelist, among the ‘Wessex Poems’ novels, ‘For From Die Madding Crowd’, ‘The Return of the Native’, The Mayor of Casterbridge, ‘The Tess and Judge the Obscure’ should be read in particular. With the publication of these novels, Hardy established himself as one of the greatest novelists of his time.

What is the most famous poem of Thomas Hardy?

In Hardy’s novels or poems, his view of life is tragic or sadistic. In many of Hardy’s writings, many novels, short poems and the great epic drama ‘The Dynasts’, the theme is the struggle of a neutral man with the indifferent power that controls the world. He developed an utopian outlook on life and preached that destiny dictated the ultimate in human affairs. His most famous poem is The Darkling Thrush.

Why is Thomas Hardy famous worldwide as a novelist?

Hardy is famous as a novelist as well as a poet. With the keen powers of observation of the artist, Hardy has extended his keen eye to nature and to man, and has created for us beautiful pictures of nature which will endear him to all poets. The transformation of melancholy in human life, its smallness and the mysteries of the universe occupied his mind, and as a critic of life, Hardy did not write a poem in a light-hearted manner.

So his poetry does not create this feeling in our minds inspired by ease, however his short lyrical poems are full of beauty. They contain the concluding words of one who has long pondered and sympathized with life’s failures. Readers can collect the famous english novel A Pair of Blue Eyes as pdf and read it online from this page free.

A Pair of Blue Eyes Novel PDF

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