Ahar O Dharma by Swami Kalikananda PDF

Ahar O Dharma by Swami Kalikananda Bengali PDF.

Book – Ahar O Dharma (Diet and Religion),
Author – Swami Kalikananda,
Genre – Theology Bengali Book,
Format – PDF,
PDF size – 5 MB,
Pages – 118,

Ahar O Dharma written by Swami Kalikananda

Author Swami Kalikananda wrote the Theological book Ahar O Dharma (Diet and Religion)

Even today, many people are being bribed while trying to reform religion and society in a superstitious society. There is no dearth of such examples in India. At that time, the society did not hesitate to label the famous religious guru Gautam Buddha as an atheist. religious guru Shankaracharya died prematurely while refuting the actions and spreading the knowledge. Raja Rammohan Roy was vilified by many for stopping the practice of sati-immolation. Swami Dayananda had to endure torture after going to protest the idol worship. We have witnessed many such instances.

Are social reformers still being bribed while reforming religion and society?

Today, many civilized nations are following him who died on the cross of Jesus Christ. There is no dearth of examples like the Muslim preacher Muhammad had to flee to Madinah in fear of his life. But still the people who have realized the truth are not afraid or deterred from spreading the truth despite trying their best. Because truth is that thing Even if it is difficult to understand for a sectarian superstitious individual, it will be irrefutable and forever true for rational and judicious people.

What is Theology?

Relying on that courage, the author is inclined to promote this book. Among the Hindus of India, there has been serious communal unrest over food and religion. By removing it, the common man can easily improve his body and mind by taking food with unwavering heart, the author brought this great man from the Himalayas and published this book for the propagation of the truth only for that purpose. Knowing the truth in this book, it is the duty of the individual to promote health and religion.

What is the opinion of scientists, doctors and geologist about food?

Author Swami Kalikananda has stated in this book that truth and nectar can be attained by meditating with the help of books. The meaning of this book will not penetrate to the ears of people who are deaf to his ideas, small-minded, lack of conscience, timid and deaf to Sanskar and faith-disorders.
All those religious sects are superstitious; If the word ‘cut’ or ‘blood’ enters the ear, its religion is destroyed; This book will not be liked by those who are the main part of religion which is inferiority, lowliness, timidity and cowardice.

Many people will read this book and apply many kinds of taunts, some will wake up and pretend to be asleep, fearing loss of interests. Even if the meaning of the book is true, the light of this truth will never penetrate the darkness of ignorance. It will be effective only by encouraging and increasing the happiness of honest, conscientious and judicious people.

What is the relationship between (Ahar O Dharma) Diet and Religion?

It does not contain stories of strange ghosts or 21 hands tall people and┬ápeople who live for thousands of years etc. absurd and unscriptural stories of unauthentic grandmothers and grandmothers. The sole purpose of this book is to provide information on sattvic, rajasic and tamasic food and ‘diet and religion’ of the body and mind for improvement in the practical and transcendental world, through various scriptures, arguments and direct proofs, in which the truth is propagated and misconceptions are eradicated from the society. As a result of false propaganda, we Indians have gone down in every way.

Therefore, the writer thinks that if this purpose of his work is fulfilled, the hatred of violence will be spread throughout the country and decades. Along with this, physical, mental and financial development and unity will be created and the country will be peaceful.
The pdf file of the book ‘Ahar O Dharma‘ (Diet and Religion) is provided on this web page for the readers. Readers can also buy the hard copy of the book online and read it from this webpage and collect the pdf file of this book for grown knowledge.

Ahar O Dharma (Diet and Religion) PDF.

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