Dhammapada Composed by Bhikkhu Shilvadra Online Books PDF

The Holy book Dhammapada Composed by Monk Shilvadra Online Books PDF.

 Holy book Name – Dhammapada of Buddhism,
Author – Bhikkhu Shilvadra (Shilbhadra),
Category – Religious Book (Buddhism),
Book Format – PDF,
Book size – 2.40 MB,

The Buddhist Religious book Dhammapada is translated by the Bhikkhu (Monk) Shilvadra.

Dhammapada is a religious text of Buddhism which was founded by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. This book has been translated or composed by Bhikkhu Shilbhadra and published by Dr. Prabodh Chandra Bagchi.
The Religious Book Dhammapada is translated into Latin, French, English, German nature languages ​​of Europe and gets immense respect. It is impossible for any religion to clash with the universal teachings of the Dhammapada. Not against any religion in the universe. For this reason, Dhammapada is a text for all Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and Muslims.
Dhammapada is one of the texts of the Buddhist Tripitaka’s Suttapitaka. Just as the Bhagavad Gita is a sacred text in Hinduism, so is the Dhammapada a sacred text in Buddhism. There is a saying that Dhammapada’s ‘Appamadbagg’ was covered by Emperor Ashoka. So it can be said from this that Pali Dhammapada existed in the third century BC. Later several editions of the original Pali text were published in Sanskrit. The Chinese translation of the book is from a Sanskrit text.
The combination of the two words in which this book is called Dhammapada is that the Buddhist texts have been used in different meanings of the word ‘Dhamma’. Sometimes nature, sometimes or multiplicity, sometimes matter, sometimes doctrine, sometimes natural law and sometimes or religion. And the word pada means step, pada, path, space etc. This book has been translated as Dhammapada with these two words.

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Dr. Prabodh Chandra Bagchi, Professor, Calcutta University said, Dhammapada is one of the oldest and best religious books of Buddhism. If it had not been written in Pali but in Sanskrit, it would have been as revered as the Srimad-Bhagavatam Gita. Needless to say, his place in the Buddhist world is as high as the Gita. The superiority of Dhammapada is in thought and language. The language is simple and touching, the thought is very high, the best resource of Gautama Buddha’s teaching is its inherent. In addition, that expression has been expressed with the help of a fair and beautiful gift that is familiar to every Indian.
There is no need to discuss who is the author of Dharmapada. It is not unreasonable to think that the words of Lord Buddha and his tree translation have been written in this book. Most of the ballads are found scattered in Buddhist texts. But that is why it is wrong to think that Dhammapada is a collection of books. From the coherence of the series and the content of the verses, it is clear that this is basically a basic text. Its size was later increased by collecting various verses. Dhammapada has been used in many languages ​​since time immemorial. Written in Sanskrit, ‘Udanvarga’ is basically the Dhammapada of the omniscient community. Dhammapada of community faith was also written in Prakrit language. These two books were discovered and partially published from the ruins of Central Asia. Moreover, there are multiple Chinese translations of this text. A comparative examination of all these texts will reveal the ancient basic form of the Dhammapada.
For all these reasons, Buddhism needs to spread this invaluable resource. This translation of Bhikkhu ShilBhadra deserves respect. The Bengali translation of Sutta Nipat has already been published from his writing. His translations will serve as a guide. Tali has its own etymology, the language of its translation is memorized and easy to understand. He was especially careful in maintaining the simplicity of the idea and language of the original text. His knowledge of the basic tenets of infinite Buddhism is so clear that his translation of the technical terms of Buddhism is accurate. That is why his translation deserves high praise and there is no doubt that this book will get that praise.

So the PDF file of the Holy Book is given on this web page. So that the readers can collect and practice it beautifully from this page.

PDF file of Dhammapada Holy Book.

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