Balmiki Ramayana Holy Book by Rajshekhar Basu Online PDF

Balmiki Ramayana Hindu Holy Book composed by Rajshekhar Basu read online PDF.

Book – Balmiki Ramayana,
Author – Rajsekhar Basu,
Category – Hindu Holy Books,
Language – Bengali,
Book Format – PDF/ E-PUB,
Book Size – 10 MB,
Book Pages – 497,

Balmiki Ramayana Hindu Holy Book composed by Rajshekhar Basu

The Hindu Holy Book Balmiki Ramayan composed by Rajsekhar Basu Bengali PDF.

Rajshekhar Basu has translated the Hindu Holy Book Balmiki-Ramayana. The original poet Balmiki and his original epic Ramayana have this fame. Expert scholars have decided that conventional texts are not all one-time or one-time works. The original text was probably written in the fourth century BC. Many parts have been covered with it, such as Uttarakhanda.

Balmiki is the first place among the poets of India. But his Ramayana is so big that very few people are already interested in reading the original or the translation in its entirety.
This book is a Bengali anthology of Balmiki-Ramayana. But in short, if necessary, no major issues were left out. There is no shortage of poetic juice in Balmiki’s writings. In this compilation, an attempt has been made to retain the features of Balmiki as much as possible and a brief encounter of the reader with his composition has been introduced.
How much of the Ramayana is true, how much is metaphorical or how much, whether the Balmiki of the Ramayana is actually a contemporary of Rama or not, all these discussions are nothing but madness in this introduction.

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Balmiki’s texts contain a variety of supernatural descriptions similar to those of fairy tales and Arabic novels, and there are plenty of poems, but the narrative is also the most captivating to the average reader. This very ancient story told by Balmiki is no less beautiful than any modern novel. Balmiki has described the characters of the heroes and heroines according to the conventional style and moral norms of the time. It would be utterly foolish to judge Rama’s diplomacy and defense of the kingdom, and Edward VIII’s abdication and marriage, according to the same social and religious principles.

King Dasaratha’s intense affection for Rama, the deep affection of the people of Ayodhya for Rama, the beautiful description of the forest land, the selfless work of Bandarsenagan, the immense sweetness and greatness of Balmiki’s compassion, Rama’s seriousness, honesty, generosity and great duty.

Monier Williams, Indian Epic poetry told that,”The classical purity clearness and simplicity of its style, the exquisite touches of the true particle filling with which it abounds… All in title it to rank among the most beautiful compositions that have appeared at any period and in any country”.

Rabindranath Tagore wrote in the context of Ramayana that the critique of Ramayana-Mahabharata is different from the critique of other critiques. Whether Ram’s character is high or low, Lakshman’s character is good or bad, it is not enough in this discussion. It is necessary to purify and respectfully judge how all India has accepted them for many thousands of years. Poet Raj Shekhar Basu has beautifully portrayed him in this book.

Readers can collect and read online the religious book Balmiki-Ramayana, translated by Rajshekhar Basu PDF file.

Balmiki-Ramayana PDF.

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