Unabingsho Shataker Gitikabita by Arun Kr Mukhopadhyay

Unabingsho Shataker Gitikabita Sankalan Vol. 1-6 by Arunkumar Mukhopadhyay.

Book – Unabingsho Shataker Gitikabita Sankalan (Nineteenth Century Lyric Poetry Book),
Author – Arunkumar Mukhopadhyay,
Book – Format – PDF,
Volumes – 1 to 6,
Book Pages – 830,
Book Size – 13 MB,

Unabingsho Shataker Gitikabita SankalanVol.-1-6-by-Arunkumar-Mukhopadhyay

Kumar Bandyopadhyay and Arun Kumar Mukhopadhyay compiled the Unabingsho Shataker Gitikabita Sankalan (Nineteenth Century Lyric Poetry Book).

First of all, it should be said that the beginning of the genre of lyric poetry from the birth of Bengali literature, teachers, students and researchers of Bengali literature will all fall prey to it in one word. The nineteenth century is basically the era of Bengali renaissance. The beginnings of this century are extremely complex and turbulent.

The first half of this century saw the practice of prose at the forefront. Only when we analyze it, the identity of the mind-wandering of Bengalis is found in this episode. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Rammohun Roy, Mrityunjaya Vidyalankar, Krishnamohan Bandyopadhyay, Debendranath Tagore, Akshay Kumar Dutta, Bhabanicharan Bandyopadhyay, Bhudev Mukherjee, Rajendralal Mitra, Parichand Mitra and many other great writers wrote from this time (1800 to 1800).

Then the benefits of the Renaissance appeared in the mid-nineteenth century (second half). It was at this time that the Yajna, the ubiquitous organization of Bengali national life, began. Such as Chaitra Mela or Hindu Mela (1867), National Theater (1872), Indigo Cultivation Rebellion in Bengal (1859), Terrible Famine in Orissa (1866), Shishir Kumar Ghosh’s Indian League (1875), Bharat Sabha and Indian Science Council (1876), The patriotic sentiments that were embodied in the movements and institutions of the National Congress (1885) and the bonds of merit and superstition were severed through various social movements, resulting in a source of emotional insanity in the air in the skies of the country.

The lyric poem was not composed for a very natural reason, which is a suitable vehicle for expressing that emotional madana. The serenity and meditation needed to compose lyric poetry could not be achieved in that responsible environment. The emergence of lyric poetry was delayed in this episode as there was no peace and status in the national life and with it the practice of introverted life, in fact lyric poetry could not become omnipresent.

For this reason, the spirit of lyric poetry has not been fully revealed to the lovers of the age. Bipasha Rangalal, Madhusudan, Hemchandra, Nabinchandra’s poems of that era have been embodied in national epic poems.

1870 is an important year following the trend of modern Bengali lyric poetry. Poems by Baldev Palit, Rajkrishna Mukherjee, Ramdas Sen and Taraknath Gangopadhyay have been published earlier this year, but not all of them have met the criteria of lyric poetry.

The tone of modern poetry was undoubtedly established in the book of poetry published in 1870. Biharilal’s Bangasundari, Nisarg Sandarshan, Bandhubiyog, Prem Prabahini Kavya, Hemchandra’s Poems-first volume, Gobind Chandra Das’s first poems Barader Kavyamala and Lalit Kavitabali and Rajkrishna Mukherjee’s Kavyakalap were published in 1870 AD. In this context, Biharilal’s Sangitashatak Kavya, published in 1862, is remembered as the lone forerunner of romantic lyric poetry.

In this collection, an attempt has been made to give a comprehensive introduction to the lyric poetry of the nineteenth century. Such compilations have not been seen before. The collection contains about 500 lyric poems by 75 poets. Ishwar Chandra Gupta, the last poet of the ancient genre, died in 1859, and Madhusudan Dutta’s autobiography was published in 1861. Self-lamentation of Ishwar Gupta Madhusudan’s Self-lamentation is an interval of an era, not 2-1 years.

In this compilation, the compilers have tried to keep the poems in as much order as possible in the 6 volumes of lyric poetry. Through these five volumes of about five hundred poems, the overall identity of the nineteenth century renaissance Bengali-mind can be found.

The following is a description of the chronology of the 6 volumes of the nineteenth century lyric anthology.

Love-Poetry, Patriotism-Poetry, Domestic Life-Poetry, Nature-Poetry, Grief-Poetry and Theory-Poetry.

The authors Kumar Bandyopadhyay and Arun Kumar Bandopadhyay compiled the Unabingsho Shataker Gitikabita Sankalan (Nineteenth Century Lyric Poetry Book), the book takes on a unique dimension. This book will be considered as a valuable book by the readers.

A PDF file of the book is provided on this webpage for readers, students and researchers to read. Readers will be able to collect the PDF file of the book from this webpage and read it online.

PDF file of the Unabingsho Shataker Gitikabita Sankalan (Nineteenth Century Lyric Poetry Book).

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