Bharatbarsher Itihas by Coca Antonova PDF

Bharatbarsher Itihas by Coca Antonova PDF online.

Authors – Coca Antonova, Bongard-Levin and Pregri Kotovsky,
Book – Bharatbarsher Itihas.
PDF Size – 26 MB,
Format- PDF,

Coca Antonova wrote the History of India PDF.

The book Bharatbarsher Itihas (History of India) has been written by Prigry Grigori Kotovsky. Coca Antonova and Prigori Bongard-Levin.

Coca Alexandrovna Antonova was born in 1910 in a revolutionary prison in St. Petersburg to a family of revolutionaries. His mother was a member of the Russian Social Democratic Party. Play went to school in Britain with fluent commands in English, French and German and later went on to add Urdu.
In 1931 he graduated from Moscow State University and began teaching British politics at the Institute of World Economy and Politics. In 1936 he began his doctoral studies.

Who is Coca Alexandrovna Antonova?

The History of India is a collection of bengali novels. In this book, the author has beautifully covered various issues including the ancient civilization of India and the stages of public life and political development. The episode Ancient India of the book Bharatbarsher Itihas (History of India) has been translated by Mangalacharan Chatterjee.

Topics discussed in ancient India include the Harappan civilization in Stone Age India, the Copper Stone Age culture in midwestern and eastern India, and the Indo-Aryan groups and the Ganges Valley civilization. Ancient dynasties and states of northern India, religion and culture of the Vedic period, India in the Magadha and Maurya period, India in the Kushan and Gupta periods.

Political history during the Mughal Empire.

And the next episode Medieval India The topics covered in this episode are India from the 6th to the 12th century AD, political history during the Sultanate of Delhi, political history during the Mughal Empire. The next episode is Modern India translated by Dwijen Sharma. The main topics discussed in the modern India episode of this book are Bharatvarsha (eighteenth century) by the British.

This book will help researchers and students to know more about India in detail about the ideals as a result of beautiful analysis of various issues about India. People of India and the whole world will be able to know the history of India in a beautiful way by reading this book.
So the PDF file of the book is given on this webpage.

Readers can easily collect and read the book Bharatbarsher Etihas.

Bharatbarsher Etihas PDF file.

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