Ramtanu Lahiri O Tatkalin Bangasamaj by Shibnath Shastri PDF

Ramtanu Lahiri O Tatkalin Bangasamaj by Shibnath Shastri PDF.

Book name – Ramtanu Lahuiri O Tatkalin Bangasamaj,
Author – Shibnath Shastri,
Category – Biography,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 484,
PDF Size – 16 MB,

Ramtanu Lahiri O Tatkalin Bangasamaj Biographical book by Shibnath Shastri PDF.

The book Ramtanu Lahiri O Tatkalin Bangasamaj (Ramatanu Lahiri and contemporary Bengali society) was written by Shibnath Shastri.

The writer Shibnath Shastri was very well known to Ramtanu Lahiri. When Ramtanu Lahiri first met Shivnath Shastri in 1869, he pulled the author just as a magnet pulls iron. And the writer made Shivnath Shastri a very close person. After the death of Ramtanu Lahiri, many people requested the author to write about him. Writer Shibnath Shastri has since decided to write about the life of Ramtanu Lahiri.

When Ramatanu Lahiri Mahasay came to Krishnanagar in the late 1845s as one of the first teachers of Krishnanagar College, he began to spread the generosity of his heart. At this time Srishchandra welcomed him and encouraged him in all respects. Rang From that time Ramtanu Lahiri Mahasaya became a personality of Krishnanagar Rajbari. Srishchandra Mahasaya was then the chief of the palace. Later his friendship with other people of the palace deepened. In describing the biography of Ramatanu Lahiri, the author has beautifully discussed their genealogy in this book.

Ramtanu Lahiri was born in 1813 in the village of Baruihuda in the month of Chaitra. The father was the dewan of the palace. Ramatanu Lahiri’s father Ramakrishna Lahari Mahasaya used to make his living with difficulty due to a little patriarchal matters and by managing the property of the then famous Lalababuds. Ramakrishna Lahiri was a religious man and the owners of the place where he was managing were also very religious. At the age of five, Ramtanu Lahiri started his education with chalk in his hand. At the age of 12, his great grandfather Keshab Chandra took him to Calcutta. He eventually enrolled in a school founded by the School Society with a lot of effort and later became known as Kalutola Branch School and then Hair School. On the day that Ramtanu Lahiri entered that hair school, another famous person was established in a class with him, he was Raja Digambar Mitra. Then his classmate was Ishwar Chandra Ghoshal. In 1828 he came to Hindu College on a scholarship from Lahiri School Society.

The next day, in 1852, he was the headmaster of the Burdwan school before the headmaster of the English school in Uttarpara. In 1858 he became the first assistant teacher at the Dakshineswar School in Calcutta. Shortly after, he became the headmaster of Barisal School. After staying in Barisal for about a year, he became the second assistant teacher in the Krishnanagar Collegiate School and moved to his ancestral home in Krishnanagar. He then moved to Bhagalpur to recover due to his broken condition. But after some time he returned to Krishnanagar. And started living in a new house in Beldanga. Shortly afterwards, due to the outbreak of malaria, the family came to Calcutta in 1880 and started living in a rented house. At that time he was employed in a school in Uttarpara. Ramatanu Babu lived on the top floor of a school house in Uttarpara.

Ramatanu Babu was always associated with education and had very good skills in English.
In this book, the author Shibnath Shastri has given a realistic picture of the then Bengal along with the biography of Ramatanu Lahiri. Therefore, there is no doubt that this book will give the readers a good idea about the image of the society of that time and it will be welcomed.
The PDF file of the book is given on this web page. Readers can easily collect the book and read it online.

Ramatanu Lahiri and the then Bangasamaj PDF

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