Nana Raser 9ti Upanyas by Buddhadeb Guha Bengali PDF

Romantic Novel Nana Raser 9ti Upanyas by Buddhadeb Guha PDF.

Book Name – Nana Raser 9ti Upanyas,
Author – Buddhadeb Guha,
Book Pages – 712,
Book Format- PDF,
PDF Size- 35 MB,

Buddhadeb Guha has written the Romantic Novel Nana Raser 9ti Upanyas PDF

Buddhadev Guha was born on 29 June 1936 in Calcutta. The professional life of this alumnus of St. Xavier’s College began as a chartered accountant. His first novel is Jangalmahal. The writer has immersed himself in multiple novels. Buddhadeb Guha was honored with the Ananda Award in 1986. He has also been awarded many honors including Vidyasagar Memorial Award. This well-known writer of old songs was also a chartered accountant. Member of the Advisory Board of the Income Tax Department of West Bengal, Akashwani Kolkata Audition Board Member’s first published book ‘Jangalmahal‘. He has been awarded many honors including Vidyasagar Smriti Award, Ananda Award.

The poet Shankha Ghosh has passed away a few days ago. Bachik artist Gauri Ghosh has also passed away. This time Buddhadeb Guha, the author of the book Madhukari also passed away. His notable books include Babli, Madhukari, Kojagar, Halud Basant, For a little warmth, Kumudini, Khela Jahan and Rjuda – The writings of this man who is close to the forest and nature have enriched the literary world. But the complications related to Kovid took him away. He was born 29 June 1936 and He died on 29 August 2021. He was 85 years old at the time of his death.

He is well-known as a Bengali fiction writer in India. He wrote lot of stories, novels, short stories, essays. He has written so many Bengali novels around with the forests and nature.

He is the recipient of many awards including Ananda Puraskar, and sarat Puraskar for his most famous novel Madhukari. He also create Rijuda series and all series are most famous among India and Bangladesh.

Readers can collect and read the rare collection golden book including above favorite nine novel.

Nana Raser 9ti Upanyas PDF

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