Mahabharater Shesh Mahabir by Hemendra Kumar Roy PDF

Mahabharater Shesh Mahabir by Hemendra Kumar Roy Bengali PDF.

The name of the book – Mahabharater Shesh Mahabir,
Author – Hemendra Kumar Roy,
Category – Historical Novel,
Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 45,
Book Size – 2MB,

Mahabharater Shesh Mahabir written by Hemendra Kumar Roy

Hemendra Kumar Roy wrote the historical novel Mahabharater Shesh Mahabir.

Mahabharater Shesh Mahabir (The Last Mahavira of Mahabharata) is a historical novel of author Hemendra Kumar Roy. Historians and researchers all over the world have been researching the history of India for a long time. Modern history has compared many events in India to mythological tales. The story of the warriors of Kurukshetra is considered by many to be a kind of mythological fairy tale.
The author has refrained from arguing with historians and he has also said that they do not pay attention to the words of Ramayana. But there is no point in messing with it.

Hearing about Mahabharata even today makes the blood flow in the arteries of every Hindu. This is not only Kuru Pandava’s autobiographical battlefield. It was here that the Mahabharata of the Gita first appeared in the holy mouth of Lord Krishna in the form of Parthasarathi.

Who are the 7 Maharathi in Mahabharat?

Standing on this hundred-smriti soil, one can still feel in the heart the tears of Gandhara-Kanya Gandhari in mourning for her hundred dead sons. The boy Abhimanyu’s breathless hero’s cry attacked by the cruel Saptarathi (7 warriors). Maddened rampage of the third Pandavas drinking the blood of misrule. The extreme death of 39,36,600 soldiers of the ‘Eighteenth Akshauhini’ floating in a flood of blood.

What is the result of this great ‘Narmedh Yagya’?

After the death of the Pandavas, there was no Kshatriya left in Aryavarta, who could wield a weapon with strong hands to resist the foreign invaders. Great warriors like Bhima, Arjuna, Karna, Bhishma and Drona achieved immortality by showing great valor, and on the one hand, all the Kshatra Virya of Arya-Bharat was exhausted.

The author wrote the story of Mahavir in this book. He is not a man of ancient mythological history. His name is not only immortalized in ancient history travelogues, poetry and drama literature, modern historians also acknowledge him as a real blood and flesh hero. We know that the Aryavarta glory of the seventh century shines in the glory of his name alone. He was Emperor Harshavardhana, the founder of the last Hindu empire in India.

Who were the 7 warriors who killed Abhimanyu?

Harshavardhana ranks fourth as the founder of India’s empire. The first empire in historical India was founded by the Greek conqueror Chandragupta (323 BC, or two years earlier). The vast empire is known as the Maurya Empire. His son Bindusara and his grandson Ashoka ruled this vast empire in full glory. After the death of Emperor Ashoka in 232 BC, the Mauryan Empire began to decline. Gradually this huge empire of Emperor Ashoka disappeared within half a century.

A few centuries later, the second Indian empire was established by Emperor Samudragupta. He ascended the throne in 330 AD. He subjugated the whole of India. Known in history as the Gupta Samrajya. The subsequent history is like a big river which is beautifully analyzed in the book by author Hemendra Kumar Roy.

Who’s ranks fourth as the founder of India’s empire?

There is no doubt that this book will be regarded as a historical book by the readers and will also be received with respect. So the PDF file of the book is provided on this webpage for readers, historians, researchers. Readers can download the PDF file from this webpage and read it online.

Mahabharater Shesh Mahabir historical novel PDF file.

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