Bangladesher Itihas by Ramesh Chandra Majumdar PDF

Bangladesher Itihas by Ramesh Chandra Majumdar PDF.

Book – Bangladesher Itihas (Prachin Jug) Vol-1,
Author – Ramesh Chandra Majumdar,
Genre – Historical Book,
Book Format- PDF,
PDF Size – 11 MB,

Bangladesher Itihas edited by Ramesh Chandra Majumdar

Ramesh Chandra Majumdar wrote the Historical book Bangladesher Itihas (Prachin Jug) Vol-1.

The historical book Bangladesher Itihas – Prachin Jug (History of Bangladesh) is written by historian, author Dr. Ramesh Chandra Majumdar. Ancient Indians have produced many books in different categories of literature. But they do not have any interest or enthusiasm to record the past history of their country. Pandit Kalhan wrote a series of history of Kashmir in Rajatarangini. But no other text of this class has been discovered in India till date. As a result, the history of India’s ancient period was somehow lost.

Who wrote Rajtarangini?

In the 19th century, European scholars discovered ancient Indian scripts and coins and other relics, and began to recover the history of the Hindu age. As a result of their efforts, it is possible to write the framework of the history of ancient times in the information that has been discovered.

The book ‘Rajtaranga’ or ‘Rajabali’ written in 1808 by Prof. Pandit Mrityunjay Sharma of Fort William College is an established proof of how deep our ignorance is about the ancient history of Bangladesh. Reading this book, one can clearly understand how far the memory and public opinion of the Bengali nation about the ancient history of Bengal was distorted and how the historical sources of the Bengali nation were torn apart within about 5-6 hundred years.

Who wrote the book Gourrajmala?

As a result of the next hundred years of archaeological discussions, how far our knowledge of the ancient history of Bengal progressed, the book ‘Gaurajamala’ by Ramaprasad Chandra can be taken as a proof. Many in this country, especially antiquarians, ridiculed and despised archeology as stone evidence. But the value of rescuing ancient history can be understood only by comparing ‘Rajabali’ with ‘Gaudrarajmala’.

The book ‘Gour Rajamala’ is the first history of Bengal written in modern scientific method. It was published in Bengali in 1319. Although the history of Bengal in name was actually one history of Bengal and Magadha. Later, a complete history of Bengal was published from Dhaka University. This Bangladesh history book was first published under the editorship of author Ramesh Chandra Majumdar.
This book discusses the history of Bengal till the end of the Hindu era. This book was first published in English. Soon after it was published in Bengali translation. It is a suitable book on political, economic, social history of Bengal in Bengali language and other aspects of Bengali religion, art and lifestyle,  authored by Dr. Ramesh Chandra Majumdar.

In which book has the summary of all the information discovered about Bangladesh in the Hindu era been written so far?

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The author Dr. Ramesh Chandra Majumdar has presented a summary of all the information that has been discovered so far about Bangladesh in the Hindu era to the Bengali readers in this book Bangladesher Itihas. For those who have read or will read the English book History of Bangladesh, then this bengali version book is completely unnecessary.
But those who have not got the opportunity, facility or time to read this book, if they read it, they will be able to get some idea about the history of ancient Bengal. Of course, we know very little of this history. We believe that by reading this book, Bengalis will have a faint or little idea about the ancient glory of the country and the curiosity and interest to know the past history of the Bengali nation will increase.

So the PDF file of the book is provided on this web page for the readers, students, researchers and historians. Readers can collect the PDF file of Bangladesh History Volume 1 book from this web page and can read it online.

Bangladesher Itihas – Prachin Jug  Vol- 1 (History of Bangladesh) PDF file.

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