Europer Itihaser Ruprekha 1789-1939 Prabhatanshu Maity PDF

Europer Itihaser Ruprekha 1789-1939 by Prabhatanshu Maity PDF.

Book – Europer Itihaser Ruprekha,
Author – Prabhatanshu Maity,
Category – World History,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 22 MB,
Year – (1789-1939),

Europer Itihaser Ruprekha (Outline of European History) from 1789 to 1939 –  Prabhatanshu Maity.

Author Prabhatangshu Maity was written the Europer Itihaser Ruprekha – (1789-1939) (Outline the history of Europe from 1789 to 1939). Author Prabhatangshu Maity is a professor of history and has written numerous story novels on history.

In his books outline of the History of Europe, he discusses the situation, political situation, social situation and economic situation in Europe on the eve of the French Revolution.

What is the cause of the French Revolution?

In this book, he has beautifully analyzed the political situation in France on the eve of the French Revolution. As well as the social and economic situation in France at that time.

He has beautifully analyzed the various influences of philosophers, foreign influences. what happened to the economic situation of France with the French Revolution.

How was the Republic established in France?

And the reign of terror at that time and the activity of the National Conference, which is beautifully blossomed in his writings through this text.

In the seventh chapter of his book, the author gives a beautiful account of Napoleon’s reforms. About Napoleon’s foreign policy and the formation of his empire, Napoleon’s achievements.
The Vienna Conference and the power of Europe, the policies and functions adopted at the Vienna Conference, the reasons for the European Power Cooperation and finally what caused Napoleon’s downfall?.

Prabhatangshu Maity described the overall situation in Europe after the French Revolution and the July Revolution, the metropolitan system, the social and economic conditions in France, and the rule of the re-established Bourbon government.

Other notable books by the author are

Great Britain’s Social and Economic Progress The book beautifully describes the conservative rule of Great Britain in the post-Napoleonic era and the progress of the republic after the July Revolution.
From 1830 onwards, he wrote extensively on British foreign policy, colonial policy, the spread of democracy, the expansion of suffrage, and the rise of socialism and the Labor Party.

What caused the First World War and the events of World War I?.
What was the reason for Germany’s defeat in the First World War?,
What caused the United States to join World War I?,

The results of World War I, Wilson’s 14-point claim, the Peace Conference in Paris, the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, and other power treaties after World War I in 1919 are beautifully described.

Literature in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has beautifully analyzed science and culture. and also romantic exclusion, Darwin’s evolution, and their social reactions, the advancement of psychology.

There is no doubt that this book will be considered as an invaluable resource to the readers and especially to those who study and engage in the subject of history.
So the PDF file of the book is given on this web page. Readers can easily collect and read the PDF file of the book directly.

Europer Itihaser Ruprekha (1789-1939).

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