Raktakta Indoneshia by Chiranjib Sen

Raktakta Indoneshia by Chiranjib Sen

Book name –¬† Raktakta Indoneshia (Bloody Indonesia),
Author – Chiranjib Sen,
Genre – Bengali Detective Story,
Format  РPDF,
size – 4 MB,
Pages – 155,

Raktakta Indoneshia by Chiranjib Sen

Chiranjib Sen wrote the Detective Story book Raktakta Indoneshia PDF.

The detective novel Raktakta Indoneshia is written by author Chiranjit Sen. Although the characters in the story of Raktakta Indoneshia (Bloody Indonesia) are fictional, the main story is not fictional. This detective story book follows recent stories in Indonesia.
Indonesia is a beautiful country surrounded by sea. This strange country consists of about three thousand islands of various sizes.

The waves of the sea are crashing into the sand. Villages dotted with rubber estates, mines and small cottages pass through forests of coconut and kadali trees and vast paddy fields. Sometimes in the distance you can see the city of palaces. The best city in this country is Jakarta. Built by the Dutch rulers, the former Batavia is now the new name Jakarta, the capital of this country.

In his detective novel Raktakta Indoneshia (Bloody Indonesia) by author Chiranjit Sen, Dr Hussain buys an old Dutch bureaucrat’s large house on the outskirts of Jakarta. Around him is the key to the story of this book. He was single. Raised two sons with love and care like a mother. And raised Lakshmi with paternal compassion.

One day Zahir came there. Shahir went on a delegation to Kutarajada, a remote town on the island of Sumatra. Where Nikhil Indonesia Youth Festival will be held. President Sukarno himself will inaugurate it.

Readers can collect his notable works here.

Zahir was waiting for this opportunity? Was he looking for an opportunity in Shahir’s absence? The writer Chiranjit Sen has published this in a work surrounded by various questions and exciting stories.

The book Raktakta Indoneshia (Bloody Indonesia) surrounded by this horror thriller became especially popular with everyone. Once General Nasution ordered the Communist Party to be outlawed. The insurgency of the communists was completely crushed. After one of these announcements, there was great cheering throughout the barracks.
All the prisoners were silent. The people of the area have become silent. A terrible day has arrived in bruised and bloody Indonesia. Thousands of people are imprisoned. Unspeakable torture upon them, a steamroller of intolerable old age.

Meanwhile, the victory festival of the military forces is on the streets. Along with that, the cheers and shouts of the different party crowd. The end of an era in Indonesia. President Sukorna has recovered a lot physically. Cabinet meeting has been held. But the army prevails everywhere. Sukarna surrendered to that predominance.

Bloody Indonesia ushered in a new era. History is moving forward day by day. Where is that history going? Which side? Now just watch that. This exciting story book of the author became very popular with the readers. So Raktakta Indoneshia (Bloody Indonesia) Thriller pdf file is provided on this web page for readers.

Who is Chiranjib Sen?

Chiranjib Sen was a famous writer of Bengali literature in Bangladesh. He was born in 1912 in Burdwan district in the Indian state of West Bengal. He was associated with the practice of literature from an early age. Both his father and mother were associated with the literary world. As a result, he was able to get involved in literature from an early age.

Notable works of Chiranjib Sen

There are many well-known detective story writers in our country, Chiranjeev Sen is one of them. There are many detective stories and novels written by him which will make you cringe when you read them. Author Chiranjib Sen was an expert in scientific essays, translations, literary mysteries and detective essays. He has always devoted himself deeply to entertaining teenagers by composing each of his thrilling stories.

Among of his Notable famous stories and novels published books are Ami CI Agent, Attilio Gattir Africa, Borman Rahasya, Chaturbarga (Quadrangle), Deep Freeze, Devil Triangle, Flying Saucer, Gas Chamber, Gullivers Travels, Ja Dekhechi Tai (whatever I saw), Lost Atlantis, Love Murder Rahasya, Manobina, Mishor Rahasya (Egyptian Mystery), Nil Dukkher Chabi (Blue Sad Pictures), Pyramid Rahasya, Rahasya Goyenda Omnibus (Mysterious book), Rajkumari, Rush Fonte Guptachar, Smaraniya Bichar, Spy Tunnel etc.

The detective books Raktakta Indoneshia (Bloody Indonesia) of Chiranjib Sen on this webpage also contain many beautiful and thrilling stories that will delight and thrill all modern teenagers. Hopefully readers will enjoy reading each thriller book.

Readers can collect the PDF file of the book Raktakta Indoneshia from this web page and read it online.

Raktakta Indoneshia (Bloody Indonesia) of Chiranjib Sen PDF file.

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