Rahasya Goyenda Omnibus by Chiranjib Sen Detective Story PDF

Chiranjib Sen written the Detective Story Rahasya Goyenda Omnibus PDF.

Book name – Rahasya Goyenda Omnibus (Mysterious book),
Author – Chiranjib Sen,
Bengali Detective Story,
Format – PDF,
size – 22 MB,
Pages – 568,

Rahasya Goyenda Omnibus by Chiranjib Sen

Chiranjib Sen wrote the Detective Book Rahasya Goyenda Omnibus

Writer Chiranjib Sen has written the detective story book Rahasya Goyenda Omnibus. Chiranjib Sen was a famous writer of Bengali literature in Bangladesh. He was born in 1912 in Burdwan district in the Indian state of West Bengal. He was associated with the practice of literature from an early age. Both his father and mother were associated with the literary world. As a result, he was able to get involved in literature from an early age.

Author Chiranjib Sen was an expert in scientific essays, translations, literary mysteries and detective essays. Notable among his published books are Attilio Gattir Africa, Spy Tunnel, Rajkumari, I’m a CI Agent, Gas Chamber, Smaraniya Bichar (Memorable Trial), Spy in Russian Font, Love Murder Rahasya, Lost Atlantis, Manobina, Mishor Rahasya (Egyptian Mystery), Nil Dukher Chhabi (Blue Sad Pictures), Pyramid Rahasya, Chaturbarga (Quadrangle), Boerman, Devil Triangle, Ja Dekhechi Tai (whatever I saw), Gulliver’s Travels, Deep Freeze, Bloodsakar Battle etc.

He was one of the prominent writers of Bengali literature in writing detective stories or novels. Every book written by him was very dear to the readers.
He wrote some stories in various small literary magazines of Burdwan. That story attracted the readers immensely and he was attracted to the state level as a detective story writer and was able to establish himself in the world of Bengali literature. He did not have to look back for his perfect style of writing. Whenever he has published any of his books, and as soon as those books are published, they are readily accepted by the readers.

There is not much written about Chiranjib Sen, a well-known detective writer in Bengali literature, or about his life story. But he was a prominent writer, author and literary figure of Bengali literature. He has received many honors and awards for his writings and eminent literary works.

His detective stories appeal to teenagers and are fascinating to them. That’s why teenagers always read and find his detective stories with interest. So, considering the readers and teenagers, the PDF file of the book Rahasya Goyenda Omnibus by the author Chiranjib Sen is given on this webpage. Adolescents and readers will be able to collect the PDF file of the book Mystery Detective Omnibus from this webpage and of course read it online.

PDF file of the Mysterious book Rahasya Goyenda Omnibas.

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