Pasra Story Book by Hemendra Kr Roy PDF

Pasra Story Book by Hemendra Kumar Roy PDF.

Book – Pasra Story Book,
Author – Hemendra Kumar Roy,
Genre – Bengali Story Book,
Format – PDF,
Pages – 172,
PDF Size – 4 MB,

Pasra story by Hemendra Kumar Roy

Hemendra Kumar Roy wrote the Bengali Story Book Pasra.

Hemendra Kumar Roy was an Indian Bengali writer and lyricist of Bengali literature. His real name was Prasad Das Roy. He is still unique in the arena of Bengali literature for his outstanding contribution to the early development of the genre of children’s literature in the Bengali language.

He made a significant contribution to the early development of Bengali detective fiction through his famous stories ‘Jayanta-Manik’ and adventure ‘Bimal-Kumar’, dealing with the exploits of Jayant, his assistant Manik and police inspector Sundar babu. Ray and Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat translated into Bengali.

Why Author Hemendra Kumar Roy is famous in Bengali literature?

He has done significant work in various branches of literature including poetry, essays, novels, plays, rhymes, children’s literature, critical literature, science literature, science fiction or science fiction, biography etc. The Detective Omnibus book was warmly received by the Bengali readership.

He wrote seven brilliant detective stories in Detective Omnibus, namely – Black Gloves, Bank Robbery, The Stranger, One Shoe, My Detective, Jayatu Jayanta, Jagrata Hrid Pinda etc. There are also two major stories in this book. One is the glass coffin and the second is the six idols of Netaji. If you want to know what are the six idols of Netaji, you must read this story.

Below is the list of some other special books of the author:

Adhunik Robin Hood (Modern Robin hood)
Goyenda Omnibus
Ekhon Jader Dekhchi (Whom I see now)
Goenda, Bhoot O Manush,
Kishore Bichitra,
King Kong,
Krishna Yatra,
Kal Boishakhi,
Padmarag Buddha (Lotus Buddha),
Premer Premara (The Lovers – Drama),
Nilsayorer Achinpure In Achinpure of Nilsayor
Nabo Jouboner Kunjabane (In the Kunjaban of youth

The storybook ‘Pasra’ is written by author Hemendra Kumar Roy.

Most of the stories in the Pasra storybook were first published in periodicals. Later they were published in the form of books by making some editions. The detective stories written by author Hemendra Kumar Roy gained huge popularity among the people of Bengal. Later he wrote detective stories for teenagers. Kishore Bichitra is particularly notable among them. Then he composed the story book Pasara.

Where the author Hemendra Kumar Roy was born?

He has already published the story book ‘Jesher Mulya’. It is considered an idealistic treatise. As such, if its usefulness is seen as real, it will fail. The basic narrative of Jivan War is not fictional. Kuber’s drunkard and Sarala’s characters are taken from real life. Kuber and Sarla’s fate and their final meeting scene is not contrived. In Jeeban Ward, the book cannot even find the exact name of the story. Readers will think of the book as something else that is story-driven but also a story.

As the author’s previous work, it has a little excitement left in two places. It was not possible to remove the error due to the writer being busy with various works. The small weakness of life is seen in the book ‘Sonar Chudi’. And how terrible it can become from time to time. Asati can also be called sati if the doors and windows are closed and burnt inside a dark room. But in the midst of the hundreds of sins of the world, whose chastity is put to the ordeal, the woman who subdues her mind and becomes victorious, is the real owner of the glory of chastity.

Why Author Hemendra Kumar Roy is famous in Bengali literature?

The heroine of this story neglected the opportunity despite getting the opportunity. The injustice and momentary weakness shown in her character may be unusual for the imagined ideal of the Hindu woman. But it is very normal for flesh and blood people. The author has not created an ideal character here.
He has tried to depict the character of the family man with the faults and deviations of life. Leaving aside the eventual success of the peer test, astute readers will see that even the momentary mental weakness of the main character in this story is clearly unjustified by the author. Later some suspected that the author promoted corruption.

That is why so many things have been presented to you. They will make noise without understanding the purpose of the author, even if they do not read this story, they will be blocked. What is true, what is not vulgar, whose intention is good cannot be called corruption. Such a truth is far greater than hundreds of imagined ideals. No matter how big things we say in our mouth, our mind knows it as truth, accepts it as truth. Those who deny this are the real propagators of corruption and enemies of society.

How many stories in Pasra Story Book?

When a story called Kapoti was published in a monthly magazine called Sankalp. A critic then pointed out some of his faults. The author corrected those errors with a grateful heart. The Pasara story book was very well received and appreciated by the readers. Pasara story book is considered as a unique story book by Bengali readers of Bengal and abroad. The stories that the author has written in this book are Kerani, Smritir Shwashane, Kapoti, Yash Price, Jeevan Yuddhye, Andha, Sonar Chudi etc.

So the pdf file of the story book is provided on this webpage for the readers. Readers can collect the pdf file of Pasra story book from this webpage and read online.

PDF file of Pasara story book.

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