Debi Choudhurani by Bankim Ch Chattopadhyay pdf

Debi Choudhurani by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay pdf online

Book – Debi Choudhurani,
Author – Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay,
Format – PDF,
Genre – Bengali Novel,

Debi Choudhurani by Bankim Ch Chattopadhyay

Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay wrote the novel Devi Choudhurani read online.

Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay is a shining star in the history of Bengali literature. The Bengali nation will always remember his contribution to the development of literature. He wrote the novel Devi Choudhurani in 1883 AD. He became the Deputy Magistrate of Howrah on 14th February 1883 AD. At that time a robbery happened.

Bankim Chandra and Mr. Westmacott had an argument about that robbery case. Mr. Westmacott was then the Magistrate of Howrah. The case with Bankim Chandra has been embroiled in controversy since its inception. Bankim’s biography written by Satish Chandra mentions the incident of that dacoit. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay used that experience in Devi Choudhurani

When translated Devi Choudhurani novel into English?

He wrote this novel at his house in Boubazar, Kolkata. Some parts of Devi Chaudhurani were published in Bangadarsan. This novel was published in book form in 1291 Bengal. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay translated Devi Choudhurani novel into English in 1893. It was later translated into Telugu and Kannada.

Why not historical novel Devi Choudhurani novel?

Devi Choudhurani novel has some similarities in historical events. But this is not a historical novel. The author has written this novel based on a simple incident. However, the picture in front of which the events of this book are acted, i.e. its social climate is absolutely true.

At that time, people belonging to different classes used to commit robberies, and Bengalis were also involved. At that time, men of a famous Brahmin clan of a village on the banks of Chalanbil killed their new son-in-law while committing robbery by boat and gave up that sinful business in repentance. The incident of robbery is famous in Rajshahi Pabna district.

Devi Choudhurani novel – The country-wide peace and orderly rule of the Mughal Empire has collapsed, while the new British rule has not been established in the country, the juncture of these two eras. The political twilight became particularly conducive to anarchy at that time. Looting and dacoity were daily occurrences. Bankim Chandra zamindar collected the name Harivallava from a work written by him.

Devi Choudhurani is a historical data, i.e. absolute lack of data, but the value of any epic depends absolutely on such a work. Anandamath, Sitaram and Devi Choudhurani sat down to compose Bankim-Kavya. Although Raj Singha is much more historical than these three novels, it would be wrong to call it poetry, if by poetry we mean a review of the heart of life.

The substance of religion is culture, the fruit of it, the higher life

Bankim did not intend all these three epics to write history or even to paint a historical scenario. To illumine the heart of man with divine light, to elevate him to the highest level, was the work of his genius. In the very first chapter of this Devi Choudhurani book, he described the words of Professor Seeley – “The substance of religion is culture, the fruit of it, the higher life”.

That is, to maintain the connection between heaven and earth, the greatest of human life and the practice of true spiritual knowledge, moderation and self-sacrifice, can be achieved only if these three practices are practiced for many days. Prafulla’s extreme example in life. Shanti and Sri also went through this sadhana, but the results differ. This difference is a testament to Bankim’s craftsmanship.

Readers collect some notable works of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

Rajsingha Bengali Novel

Shanti, Prafulla and ‘Shri’ – it’s easy to mistake these three heroines as cast in the same mould. All three are incomparably beautiful, more beautiful inside than outside, more sweet, sister of the heart’s desire, helper in difficult tasks, minister in crisis, brave in danger, joyful in victory. All three are daughters of the very poor, fatherless, helpless, married young, but all three are husbandless. All three had to go through similar extraordinary events in life.

Confronted with that severe poverty, celibates like widows do not have enough things in their homes, physical strength and exercise habits, Gita reading, religious education all these developed their character in youth. Most interior villagers the gentle woman of the civilized Bengali, eventually became the rebellious daughter, the bandit chief, the idol of the lion army or Bhairavi. Bankim Chandra well-crafted writing has beautifully portrayed their life stories.

When published Devi Choudhurani novel?

What is known about Devi Chaudhurani in terms of history is remarkable. Krishnakanter Will of Bankim Chandra was published in August 1878 AD. He wrote three novels between 1882 AD and his death in 1894 AD. These three novels are Anandamath, Devi Chaudhurani and Sitaram. In these three novels, the writer tried to debunk the stigma of Bengali. Bengali characteristics are introduced in these three novels.

Efforts have been made to inculcate the sense of patriotism among Bengalis. Bandemataram is not the song of Bengal in all over India. In these three novels there are only words of Bengalis of Bengal and not of the whole of India. All the monks of Anandamath are Bengali Devi Chaudhurani Bengali Kulangana, Sitaram Bengali Bhowmik, Chandrachur Bengali Brahmin.

In these three novels, the introduction of Bangladesh, the identity of Bengalis, is not the whole of India. Moreover, in these novels, the author Bankim Chandra has elaborated the practices of group, Vashti and Synergy in the darkness of Bengali nature.

Who wrote the Anandamath and Devi Choudhurani Novel?

In the novel Anandamath and Devi Choudhurani, Bankim Chandra tries to build a human being with the help of his theory of culture or practice.

Through his writings, Bankim Chandra has been able to highlight the true form of life, the thought process of development of human civilization that human life will be worthwhile if it continues. Everyone will accept this in one word. So he is the emperor of literature. A bright example of Bengali literature. His unprecedented composition has impressed everyone.

So the pdf file of the famous novel Devi Choudhurani of writer Bankim Chandra is given on this webpage. Readers, students, researchers can collect the PDF file of this book from this web page and can read it online.

Devi Choudhurani Novel pdf file.

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