Madhabikankan by Ramesh Chandra Dutta PDF

Madhabikankan Bengali Novel by Ramesh Chandra Dutta PDF. 

Novel – Madhabikankan,
Author – Ramesh Chandra Dutta,
Language – Bengali,
Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 4 MB,

Ramesh Ch Dutta wrote the bengali novel Madhabikankan

Ramesh Chandra Dutta wrote the bengali novel Madhabikankan.

The bengali novel Madhabikankan is written by Ramesh Chandra Dutta. This novel is a significant novel in Bengali literature which is one of the best and most popular novels of all time.

Ramesh Chandra Dutt is one of the best examples of nineteenth century Bengali scholar. His role and contribution in various fields of literature, economics, politics, administration, history of language practice, etc. was outstanding.

He was born on 13th August 1848 in the Ram Bagan Dutt family. His father was Ishan Chandra Dutt, he was a Deputy Collector by profession. The founder of their family was Nilmoni Dutt. The grandson of that sapphire Dutt was Ramesh Chandra Dutt, the middle son of Ishwar Chandra.

Some landmark events in the history of India took place during Ramesh Chandra’s childhood. For example, the Santal Rebellion in Eastern India, the expansion of railways, the establishment of Calcutta University, the First Indian War of Independence (1857 AD) and the direct takeover of India by the British Government, the Blue Rebellion etc. He lived with his father in different parts of the country and as a result he had great experiences from his childhood.

He was first admitted to Kumarkhali school and later to Baharampur local school. He passed the entrance examination from Hare School in 1864 and won the first place in the examination. He studied Training FA and BA in Presidency College. In 1868 he sailed to England on the same ship with Bihari Lal Mahat and Sunnat Banerjee. In 1869, he took third place in the Indian Civil Service Examination, and after passing the Barrister Examination in 1871, he returned to the country and took up administrative duties in the same year. Evidence of who had sympathy as an administrator will be found during the Pabna peasant revolt. In 1872, this young Pabna peasant rebel sympathized with the rebels. He noticed the revival of the right of the raiyat in that rebellion. However, he assumed that the revival was due to British rule.

Madhavi Kankan is a unique novel. In the novel, shuja came to war for the second time from Bangladesh. During the winter, there was a great war between Shuja and Aurangzeb. After two days of fighting, Shuja was defeated and fled. Yashwant Singh opposed Aurangzeb in this battle but even that sharp-witted great warrior could not do much damage, he returned to Rajasthan in anger.

Meanwhile, he fled straight from Patna to Munger of Munger, crossing the Rajmahal and the Ganges. Shuja later fled to Arakan.

Meanwhile, Narendra went missing. Hemlata did a lot of searching in the hope of finding him. But since that day no one has seen him anywhere. Then Hemlata’s life changes, a son is born. This novel is written with a great thrilling story. There is no doubt that readers will be thrilled to read this novel.

So the PDF file of Madhabikankan novel is given on this web page. Readers will be able to collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and read it online.

 Madhabikankan novel PDF file.

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