Jharer Alo by Prafulla Kumar Mandal PDF

Jharer Alo Bengali Romantic Novel by Prafulla Kumar Mandal PDF.

Book – Jharer Alo,
Author – Prafulla Kumar Mandal,
Genre – Bengali Romantic Novel,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 3 MB,
Book Pages – 150,

Jharer Alo by Prafulla Kumar Mondal

Prafulla Kumar Mandal wrote the Bengali romantic novel Jharer Alo PDF.

The Jharer Alo romantic novel can be said to be a unique work in Bengali literature. Even today the book is very popular and widely read among readers. The author increased the speed of imagination of young youth through his writings. Writer Prafulla Kumar Mandal is a famous Bengali literature writer, story writer and unique in children’s literature.
Readers made his place in the society through his perfect writing. He was one of the best writers in Bengali literature at that time due to the perfect composition of his literary work.

Who wrote the Jharer Alo Bengali romantic novel?

Writer Prafulla Kumar Mandal was associated with literary works throughout his life. In his family life, he has passed through many setbacks. Financial solvency was not that much. He wrote many poems, stories and novels. He had great skill in writing plays and novels. He has received many awards and honors through his writings. Among his famous works are Jharer Alo (The Light of the Storm), Buker Agun (The Fire of the Chest), Bantulsi etc.

Which are the famous books of Prafulla Kumar Mandal?

Sita is present at every level of this novel. To know who is Miss Sita, we have to read the text of this novel. A colorful picture flashes in the middle of the book. The quiet beauty of the flooded countryside of the full moon night is the name ‘Purnima’ written in crooked letters in one corner of the picture. It is a monthly magazine. Nishanath Chowdhury is the editor of this newspaper.

Who is Miss Sita?

Miss Sita saw this name in a moment that could not be expressed in words or words. Her graceful body stiffened like wood when struck by an electric current. Her eyebrows furrowed. The two white gums are fused together. Her facial expression was cruel and distorted, but somehow a fierceness was evident inside him.

She just stared at that name over and over again, never blinking at anything. Her gaze evokes extraordinary reactions that touch the body and mind. The author beautifully portrays the romantic scene, which cannot be known without reading.

Jharer Alo Bengali Romantic Novel – Prafulla Kumar Mandal :-

Miss Sita Devi slowly lowered the book from her chest after a long time. Then a sudden deep sigh came out as if emptying her whole heart. Sita unconsciously pressed her chest with both hands.

But Sita’s sudden deep sigh why?

Who is that person? Why is she so restless? – If we want to know the history of everything, we must read this book.

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Jharer Alo Bengali romantic novel PDF file.

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