Manoj Basur Rachanabali Vol-1 Edited Dipak Chandra and Manishi Basu

Manoj Basur Rachanabali Vol-1 Edited by Dipak Chandra and Manishi Basu.

Book name – Manoj Basur Rachanabali Vol-1,
Edited by – Dipak Chandra and Manishi Basu,
Author – Manoj Basu,
Genre – Edited Books, Bengali Novel Book,
Format – PDF,
Pages – 430,
size – 15 MB,

Manoj Basur Rachanabali Vol-1 Edited by Manishi Basu

Dipak Chandra and Manishi Basu Edited the novel Manoj Basur Rachanabali Vol-1

Manoj Basur Rachanabali Vol-1 is written by Manoj Basu, a prominent writer of Bengali literature and edited by Dipak Chandra and Manishi Basu. Manoj Basur Rachanabali has been published in several volumes. The novels and stories contained in the first volume are presented on this web page in stages. The works edited in Manoj Basur Rachanabali Volume I are the novel Bhuli Nai, the travelogue Cheen Dekhe Elam – Part 1′ and the novel Manush Garar Karigar.

When and where was Manoj Basu born?

Manoj Bose was born on 25th July 1901 in Dongaghata village of Jessore district. He lost his father when he was just 8 years old. After the death of his father, he moved to Kolkata with his family. At that time they have to live in a severe family hardship financially. After coming to Calcutta, he started his studies.

Manoj Bose matriculated with first division with honors from Ripon Collegiate School, Calcutta in 1919. Then he got admission in Bagerhat College and started his studies. India was a poor people, oppressed, exploited and deprived under the ruthless rule of the British.

Anti-British and independence movement was going on all over the country. He got involved in the freedom movement while studying in college. At that time, the non-cooperation movement called under the leadership of Gandhiji spread throughout the country and also spread throughout Bengal.

When did Manoj Bose get directly involved with the non-cooperation movement?

He became directly associated with that movement. As a result, the final exam was not held that year. A year later he sat for the exam again and passed with honors. He was admitted to Ashutosh College as a graduate in Arts. He passed BA with Distinction from Ashutosh College in 1924. He then enrolled in college to study law, but the family’s financial woes forced him to join work. Joined teaching in South Normal School.

As he was financially strapped, he had to take care of the family, but in spite of everything, he was involved in literary pursuits. He wrote a novel called ‘Barwari’ when he started studying at Bagerhat College. There was a lot of discussion among the readers about it. Although there is no sign of all that today.

Who is Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay?

Manoj Bose always loved to be in harmony with the village community. The village was the seat of his pursuit. The simple and beautiful side of village life is touched by its poignant depth of feeling. He always favored a simple life. He passed away with a smile on his face. Life units has created a graceful, sweetly calm, untroubled curiosity in Manoj Bose’s work. In Manoj Bose’s writings, God’s joy is central. The mind never becomes angry and agitated with protest.

He did not draw any character with accumulated rebellion, hatred and hatred like the poet Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. He did not create the picture of crooked and violent people or the vicious cycle of compromise in rural society. Its only purpose is to try to raise no questions about ethics, society and religion, to enjoy the happiness of creation.

The author did not deal with the questionable complex tenses of the narrow period as the arrangement of the leisurely enjoyment is sweet. He was not interested in taking off all the decorations of the people and showing the naked form of the body, mind and society.

What is the name of the first novel written by Manoj Bose?

Manoj Basu’s works were published in three volumes titled Manoj Basur Shrestha Rachna Sambhar. He wrote more than thirty novels of which there were more than twenty short novels. He also wrote stories and short stories. Bhuli Nai was his first novel.

He wrote Manush Garar Karigar on the history of teacher life. The events and characters of this work are based on memory. He has painted the picture of teachers without luster, without merit, with the love and affection of the heart. It was published in 1960 AD. He then wrote the travelogue Cheen Dekhe Elam (I came to see China).

Some of his novels, stories and travelogues were published in volumes called ‘Manoj Basur Rachanabali’. The main theme of the novel Bhulli Nai in the first part is the activities and movements of terrorists. The story of this novel extends up to 1936. The character of Buli Nai has had a series of memorable martyrdoms.

What is the name of political novel written by Manoj Basu?

So Bhuli Nai is considered as a political novel of completely different taste. Not the direct political struggle, but the content of the personal lives of the strugglers. Freedom fighters who sacrificed themselves who participated are historical figures. But for these memorable people who sacrificed, were deprived, were destitute, but had nothing to gain, there will be no recognition on the pages of time. In this book, the author remembers them with respect.

So the pdf file of Manoj Basur Rachanabali Vol-1 is provided on this web page for the readers. Readers and researchers can collect the PDF file of this book from this web page and read it online.

Manoj Basur Rachanabali Vol-1 PDF File

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