Sripanther Kolkata by Sripantha ebook PDF

Sripanther Kolkata by Sripantha Bengali ebook PDF Online.

Book name – Sripanther Kolkata,
Written by Sripantha (Nikhil Sarkar),
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 283,
PDF Size – 11 MB,

Sripanther Kolkata by Sripantha

Sripanther Kolkata Biography Book written by Author Sripantha.

Author Sripantha has written the book Sripanther Kolkata (Sripantha’s Kolkata). Author Sripanth’s writings were mostly published in the Sunday issue of Anandabazar. From that point of view, this book is not the history of Calcutta of old. A biography of Kolkata in the past. Although it is mainly Calcutta of the eighteenth century, the author has not discussed here about the boundaries of the year and date. Whenever it seems unfamiliar to the people of this age, the writer stops there. Even when telling the story of Calcutta, sometimes he has gone out of Calcutta. Notably, there are two stories in this book which did not take place exactly in Calcutta, but the author has added them to this book, because it did not happen in Kolkata, but if read as a whole, hopeful readers will accept it – which could have happened.
The author’s great work Sripanther Kolkata has been collected and admired by the readers as a whole.

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So on this page the PDF file of the Biography Book is given for the readers. From this page, readers can easily collect it as a PDF file and save it for later reading.

Author Sripantha was born in 1932 in the village of Gauripur in present day Mymensingh district of Bangladesh. That is where his childhood life began. His schooling started in Mymensingh. He later came to Calcutta for higher studies and passed BA in History from Calcutta University. He started his career as a journalist in Bangla Jugantar and Anandabazar daily newspaper. He was appointed as the Associate Editor of Anandabazar.
As soon as he worked as a journalist and editor, his literary life began. And he has written many poems, stories, novels. He received the ‘Ananda Puraskar’ award.

Some of his acclaimed works are: Ajab Nagari, Jakhan Chapakhana Elo, Mohant Elokeshi Sangbad, Keyabat Meye, Thagi, Nawab of Metiaburuj, Dai, Battala, Kolkata, Harem and others. Devdasi ‘.

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Sripanther Kolkata PDF.

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