Banglar Lok-Sahitya Vol-4 by Ashutosh Bhattacharya PDF

Banglar Lok-Sahitya Volume – 4 by Ashutosh Bhattacharya PDF.

Book – Banglar Lok-Sahitya Vol – 4,
Category – Bengali Novel (Bengali Folklore),
Book Composed – 6 (Six) Volume,
Book Pages – 739,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 23 MB,

Ashutosh Bhattacharya wrote the Banglar Lok-Sahitya Vol – 4.

Ashutosh Bhattacharya has written the novels Banglar Lok Sahitya (Folklore of Bengal). These Banglar Lok-Sahitya (Bengali Folklore) novels are composed of 6 volumes.

The author Ashutosh Bhattacharya collected a lot of research on Bengali folk music and visited different cities and villages of Bangladesh and collected various varieties and spreads and published them in book form.

When he became the first Professor in the Department of Sanskrit and Bengali at the University of Dhaka, the venerable Professor Dr. Sushil Kumar Dey was engaged in the work of collecting these Bengali proverbs.

As a result of his devotion and perseverance, the mentality of publishing this book was created. At that time when the Bangla Department of Dhaka University was separated from the Sanskrit Department, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shahidullah Saheb of the Bangla Department was appointed as the HOD of the Bangla Department and he noticed a visionary enthusiasm for folk literature.

Banglar Lok-Sahitya (Folklore of Bengal) Vol – 4

Writer Ashutosh Bhattacharya Thus with the help and cooperation of various people he formed a folklore collection society from the Bangla Department of Dhaka University. And he devoted himself deeply to the collection of folklore materials from different parts of Bengal. The Prime Minister of undivided Bengal Maulvi Fazlul Haque Saheb and the late Finance Minister Nalini Ranjan Sarkar asked for the cooperation and initiative to collect and preserve Bengali folklore.

After the publication of the first volume of Banglar Lok-Sahitya (Bengali folklore), he received a great deal of attention from the people of Bengal. In the meantime, he received a huge response to the practice of his book Banglar Lok-Sahitya (Bengali Folklore) among the people, so he collected more extensive information and published the second volume eight years after the first volume.

Compilation and discussion of rhymes – Banglar Lok-Sahitya Vol-2

This first volume of Banglar Lok-Sahitya (Bengali folklore) discusses various issues in general. The second volume of Banglar Lok-Sahitya (Bengali folklore) is written on the subject of “compilation and discussion of rhymes”. The first volume of his Bengali folklore, aroused the enthusiasm and response of the Bengali readers and the masses to practice it extensively.

Writer Ashutosh Bhattacharya also received considerable cooperation and expected response from Bengali professors and teachers of various colleges and universities in Bengal.

At that time the public life of the people of Bangladesh was disrupted under the British rule. No special initiative was seen in the literary study of fruits among the people. Because the people of India, from small to big in every house of Bengal, became restless in many ways under the English rule.

Collected a huge collection of Bengali folklore

But he interacted with everyone in various ways, especially the people of rural life and collected a huge collection of Bengali folklore. With the help and encouragement of teachers from different colleges and universities, he was further encouraged to collect various words, compositions and songs of this rural life.

When Ashutosh Bhattacharya got PhD Award?

In 1959, Dhaka University awarded the author a PhD for his work and in 1961, the Calcutta newspaper Jugantar awarded him the Shishirkumar Smriti Award.

The third edition of Banglar Lok-Sahitya (Bengali folklore) soon ran out of print, and he soon published the third volume and the fourth volume in order to alleviate the lack of affection which had already been created in the Bengali readership. He later published the fifth and sixth volumes and the collection can be said to be an invaluable resource in the world of Bengali literature.

That is why the invaluable collection of the author, Professor Ashutosh Bhattacharyas’ Banglar Lok-Sahitya (Folklore of Bengal) Vol – 4 novels PDF file is given on this page.
Readers can collect from this page for read and practice.

Banglar Lok-Sahitya Vol-4 PDF.

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