Banglar Brata by Abanindranath Tagore PDF

Banglar Brata by Abanindranath Tagore Bengali online PDF.

Book – Banglar Brata,
Author – Abanindranath Tagore,
Book Format – PDF,
Pages – 86,
PDF Size – 4 MB,

Abanindranath Tagore wrote the book Banglar Brata

Author Abanindranath Tagore has written the religious book Banglar Brata.

We usually see vows being observed in our country in two ways. How many classical vows, (Shastriya Brata) where the statement is based on Puranas. Also feminine vows or declared conventional vows are seen again. This feminine vow is again in two parts.

One aspect is the Virgin Vows (Kumari Brata), which are observed by girls aged 5 to 9 years. And the rest of the female vows are performed by married girls after marriage.
Shastriya Brata or Pouranic Brata which has been propagated in this country along with Hinduism. The Classical Vow is divided into two parts. However, all vows (brata) are performed by women.

Author Abanindranath Tagore has beautifully described the vows of women in this regious book.

Virgin vows (Kumari Brata) have been observed in most cases in Hinduism in different parts of India. This is more common in all the houses in Bengal. The structure of this vow can be roughly described as aharan or collect, that is, collecting everything that is needed to make a vow.

Then give alpana in different parts of the house, dig or cut a small square hole like a pond in the yard or empty space of the house and hold flowers in the image or portrait of the wish of each young girl’s and women’s mind, finally listen to the vows, then finish the vows with flowers End of vows by wishing etc. – This is done while performing the vows.

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Usually no pujari or tantra-mantra is required here to perform this vow. Tantras and Puranas have been composed in the form of vows for the purpose of propagating the complex rituals of Hinduism and the greatness of various gods and goddesses.

In this book, the author Abanindranath Tagore has beautifully described the Classical Vows of Bengal. This book has been widely attracted and read by the readers. After the author published the book, it spread like wildfire in Bengali literature. The religious book Banglar Brata attracts everyone in the text.

So the PDF file of the book Banglar Brata is given to the readers on this webpage. Readers can collect the PDF file of the religious book Banglar Brata from this webpage and read it online.


PDF file of the book Banglar Brata

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