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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Anandamela Child Magazine 20 December 2020 PDF

Anandamela 20 December 2020 Bengali Magazine in PDF.

Published on 20 December 2020.
Magazine category - Child Magazine.
Magazine format- PDF
Magazine size - 16 MB
Magazine pages - 59  
Magazine name- Anandamela 20 December 2020.
Anandamela child Magazine 20 December 2020 PDF.
The Bengali Magazine for child and teenagers. It is one of the best Bengali magazine for child in India.
It is published from Kolkata fortunately in every month. Some important issues are published occasionally. This issue is the very e very important issue for the children's and teenagers. 

So that teenagers can collect form this page as PDF file.
In this issues Cover Story.
The series Feluda Comics 6 Golakdham Rahasya is starting. Story by Ray Roy Screenplay and Photo by Abhijit Chatterjee.

Five great stories
Surprisingly Diverse Christmas, Celebrations, Sports, T Natarajan.

Five great stories: -
Achintya Chakraborty wrote the story Jalchhabi and Raktim Bhattacharya wrote the story Prahari. The patch story is written by Kamlesh Kumar. Gobardangar Haluikar - The story is written by Anupam Maiti and Hancho Baba is written by Shirshanya Biswas.
The regular sections of this issue include Little Talent, As I Want, What Happened - What Will Happen, My Quiz, Science Fellow, My Book, Lifestyle, My Kingdom, Get The Difference, Sudoku, Word search, own hands and new game etc.

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