Importance of Good Posture | The Value of Good Posture

Importance of Good Posture or the Value of Good Posture

Importance of Good posture


Today I share an impotent topics for our human nature is Good Posture. Good attitude is very important in every person's life. If we not physically appear with perfect posture in special program either any institutional function,like as NCC parade and at the time of military parade, police duty, at the time of lesson plan in school or colleges, in classroom of school then we must be failure to good perform in those occasion.

We cannot deny the impotence of Good Posture. There is no any single Good attitude, but many and in it is, alignment of parts in relaxation rather than tension. Posture does not conform to rigid standards of body Positions. It is not necessary that we may always stand in a certain position or sit firmly in a chair or sleep like a log in order to have good posture.

Now we look the secret o good posture, is a frequent change of position, even during sleep, our body continually shifts its position. Remaining in one position for a long time, is fatiguing and tiring. It is therefore, necessary that we must consciously try to achieve good posture.

We don't forget that it comes actually from our body balance. Good attitude makes it possible for the ligaments and muscles to maintain positions of the body which are conductive to efficient movement. The efficiency and health of our body depends upon a balance of its various opposing forces. When we keep a natural balance in activities like walking,sitting, playing, standing, running or working, we are said to have good posture. When the balance is altered by disease, fatigue, faulty habits or accident, we are said to have bad or poor posture.


Good posture indicates healthy and sound body. No one can achieve perfect posture without a consciously effort to do so. It is a good practice to check the postural habit frequently.

It is possible to assume a balanced posture by giving an expression of joy and cheer to replace a depressive mood. It achieves results when efforts are made to walk with elastic steps, to hold the head erect, and abdomen flat.

The importance of posture lies in the fact that there is a definite relationship between good health and good body posture .in primary schools, those children, who have been taught to practice good posture, have fewer absences from school as compared to other children.

In the Army, Soldiers, who have poor body posture, cannot withstand the ragout of military life. There is clinical evidence to prove that good posture is very important, both as a preventive and as a cure of disorders like gout, back-ache, foot trouble and abnormalities of menstruation.

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