Free Download Photoshop plugin Anurag 9 Pro.and Anurag 10 Pro


Free Download Photoshop plugin Anurag 9 Pro.and Anurag 10 Pro

Today I share with my all blogs or all site viewers who are need Photoshop Plugin.
Anurag 9 Pro plugins software is the super most essential and powerful software or plugin for Photoshop .This plugins software we are Free download now with free with serial no.Anurag 9 Pro is a photo retouching software with amazing functions.The cost of the software around Rs. 4000/-.But Now we can download and use this software totally free download from " thegreenexpress.blogspot.com." Follow the below instruction and download this software.

Main Feachers of Anurag 9 Pro:

    1. You can work in JPG and PSD format files.
    2. Total PP set solution.
    3. New white balance tool.
    4. Single Hair cut and Background change in both JPG & PSD files.
    5. Silver and custom Eye shadow tool.
    6. undo facility and many more.

Anurag 9 Pro install Instruction:
    Download Anurag pro
    Download Anurag pro 9 installation key
    Extract file by WinRaR
    Open "Anurag 9 pro by thegreenexpress.blogspot.com.exe" file
    During installation copy and paste the key in the required setup and click on install
    Remember that you need Net frame work 2.0 to run this programme "link is under the below" And enjoy.

    *Download Anurag pro 9 Pro exe: ------------Click for Download
     Or Alternative:
     Download Anurag pro 9 Pro Zip exe: ------- Click for Download    
    *Download Anurag pro 9 installation key:---Click for Download
   *Download now . Net frame work 2:----------Click for Download
Photoshop Plugin Anurag 9 Pro work in both Windows XP and Windows 7 (Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4).
Before installing this software make sure that Microsoft .net Framework 2 and above installed in your system.

You can also Download Anurag 10 Pro - Click for Download



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